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RE: Page Crowes 7/10/00 VCD Tree

i use crdwin disc copy feature to copy vcd and its perfect

>From: Chris deCastro <cdecastr@xxxxxxx>
>To: "James A. Canale" <jcanale@xxxxxxxxxx>, zeppelin@xxxxxxxx
>Subject: RE: Page Crowes 7/10/00 VCD Tree
>Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 10:44:56 -0700
>Wow. Well, the problem being we can't use EAC to copy these, eh? 
>I do believe CDRWIN's extraction tool has error correction.) I 
>suggest to
>everybody to cntl-alt-delete EVERY program except explorer, systray, 
>the ripping program, set it to rip, and then DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING 
>the rip is over (especially don't touch the mouse.). Also, it 
>need saying, but check the disc for dust n stuff before ripping too.