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The Page & Plant Tour and why they didn't include...............................................?

  Hi there folks,
This is the first time I've ever written to the group, but I just 
wanted to
share this with yall, just in case you didn't know.
   I asked someone today and said,"Why didn't Page & Plant ask John 
Jones to join them on the Tour when they re-united in 1994 after the 
of Led Zeppelin in 1980?
I was told the reason was & is a bit political, but that Robert 
Daughter wanted her Husband to play Bass in the band which would be 
son-in-law. When Robert Plant told Jimmy Page this, he said"If you 
don't let
him in, I will NOT join you on the tour!!
   I feel like the bass player doesn't fit with the group. He's 
nothing more
than a fill in(a run-of-the-mill) and that it was a Big Fat Mistake of
Robert Plant, Not invite John Paul Jones to join them. To me, it 
would be
like takeing the tires off of a car and throwing them down a river, 
and then
trying to ride on the rims.
Back in the good old days of Led Zeppelin, do you realise that John 
Jones was Absolutely HALF of The RHYTHMN SECTION of Led 
I feel that his playing in the group was instrumental to their 
I wish this matter could get resolved and they would ask him back!!!
   Anyone want to comment? Please give me feedback, I'de like to hear 
anyone who would like to contribute their opinion about this matter.
Zeppelin Forever!!!