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Re: New York 77

In a message dated 7/11/01 12:50:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>  Rock 'n Roll Circus     6/10/77 3   TDOLZ > cdr
>   MSG 6/11/77 3 cdr  FBO tree cut short at Kashmir
>          Looking for info on Eat the Biggest Apple & For Led Heads 
> only - 
>  these more complete ??

Well, here's the info from the tree that ran on FBO way back in May 

6/10/77 MSG, New York: 130 minutes new source comparable in quality to
Cleveland 4/28/77 in sound quality.
6/11/77 MSG, New York: 40 minutes. This tape is similar in quality to 
6/10 show but only has fragments of the show.

And then a third 6/11/77 source (direct from the master tape that 
cuts off 
during Kashmir) was treed on FBO in 1999...

Was Rock And Roll Circus the same source as the above tree?  Or was 
that the 
older recording?

And were there video screens at MSG in '77?  ;-)

And who's gonna post the entire run of MSG shows on the Zeppelin SHN 
newsgroup?  We had the 6/11 soundboard piece from "Coast To Coast" 
through at the end of May... need more '77 shows... ;-)