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Re: Black Velvet Ain't No Sippin Whisky


Well, this was only my second listen to it. Having boots that make 
this one
sounds a 10+ I guess kinda trains the ears to listen to more than 
just the
SQ ...as some people judge shows solely by. Same way I always claim 
that MSG
77 rivals LA even though most people shun it 'cause the SQ sucks.  
gotta get in that dig ; )  )

I haven't given the Dublin a good listen YET, but so far am amused by 
fan commentary.
Especially with that heavy Irish Guinness-fortified accent! ; )  I 
wouldn't call my review detailed, just an honest off the top of my 
head as I
listen to it mind babble (except for STH which I had to go back and 
the cuts).

Just one other thing Jeff...really try to cut out the original post 
replying to the whole list...digesters especially get major brain 
trying to download these beasts....although the list has ben rather 
lately.....where is everybody?!?!?!?!?

throwing  Dublin into the ol victrola,


Jeff Roy wrote:

> Glad someone took the time to post this. I