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Re: Black Velvet Ain't No Sippin Whisky

Glad someone took the time to post this. I rec'd mine about a month 
ago, and have gon throu it about 3 times now, and the initial Sound 
Horrors (as I posted about the first day I listened to it), and are 
ready for them, you can see past the fog and appreciate a DYNAMIC, 
TIGHT performance. I'm just sorry I didn't have the time to post such 
a detailed review. 

I have to say, I was as be-dazzled with the entire packaging and 
goodies/write/book, as I was that I had this show. I would have paid 
more...just to have this piece of history. 

The Dublin show souns was a bit better, and the performance JUST AS 

One thing though...those tapers in Dublin are R-I-P-P-E-D...and it 
shows...VERBALLY. I was just sure I'd hear a big *THUMP*...with one 
of those succers passing out on the microphone (which they say they 
laid on the floor. 

I keep hearing "...go on Rrrrobeerrrrt, you owwwllld beeannn!"

Halarious, historic and wonderful.


On 10 Jul 2001, at 13:41, nech wrote:

> You wanted a review you got it:
> My free form impressions of Black Velvet , Empress Valley.
> "Is it on mate? "is the first thing you hear giving you s split 
> second
> to adjust the volume before BAM Immigrant Song comes blaring in. 
> Right
> off the Sound is a bit distorted but settles in a bit as Robert's
> Viking wail roars thru. His voice sounds great and this looks like
> it's gonna be a right on show from the start. Fighting off some
> feedback Pagey pretty fluidly pulls this one off and they easily 
> segue
> right into Heartbreaker.  I've always loved this one-two punch
> approach to kicking off a show. But somethings lacking for me...it's
> the sound. Granted a 30 year old tape is gonna be lacking some 
> luster
> but it's the distortion that tends to run rampant thru this show 
> that
> is the fly in my ointment.I can only guess that's it's from the
> original taper's equipment's front end overload. Later in the show 
> it
> becomes nearly unbearable for me making it a hard listen. But in the
> "quieter" passgaes such as Page's blistering solo in HB it's not as
> prevalent. The other thing that bothers me is the cuts here & there
> and the filler used in in place. the first dub appearing at the 
> onset
> of HB but then quickly switching back.  Plant moves things right 
> along
> and they quickly lauch into SIBLy for a change of gears. 
> Unfortunately
> again as Jonesy and Bonzo come joining in that distortion goes along
> for the ride. Pages solo in this is excellent marred only by what
> seems like Bonzo's over enthusiastic use of (distorted)cymbals. As
> Plant announces one from the new 4th album I think the crowd gets
> confused as they start off with the Out on The Tiles intro then go
> into Black Dog...from enthusiastic frenzy to quiet bewilderment...I
> think it sounds like someone's foot tapping time during Plant's ah 
> ah
> calls. hee hee they did keep good time. You can tell the song's a
> newcomer as there are definately some misscues and of course,  
> Plant's
> lyrical liberties..kinda became a trademark didn't that? But Pages
> Solo is right on and the crowd certainly appreciates it. You can
> barelyhear as they start off into D&C and here's where I think the 
> SQ
> really starts to dwindle. The bass and drums are so muddled after 
> the
> bow solo you can barely make out what's going on imo again. Before
> they go into the vocal/guitar duet as I call it Plant's shouting
> "Sweat!... Sweat!" maybe commenting on the ambient temperature? Now
> here's what I've been waiting for...that magic moments of STH's 
> debut.
> Unfortunately EV ruined it for me. Being that the decible level on
> this one is lower the sound is better but where there were 
> dropout/cut
> on the original tape, EV , albeit rather seemlessly, dubs in an
> alternate source(s). The sound Q is so drastically different that I 
> am
> immediately turned off. Kinda like watching a classic Sean Connery
> Bond flick and suddenly Peirce Brosnan steps in for a second. first
> cut is at 04:39, back to orig at 05:15 back to alt at 06:05 (during
> the solo !) back to orig at 07:20 and then of all things a nasty
> squeal developes at 07:55  that almost completely drowns out the 
> band,
> then a dub no squeal then back SQUEAL then out. I'm sorry I wish 
> they
> had just left it alone.  When did this trend start...was it with us 
> on
> FBO and that Filmore tree? Hey only my opinion, but sometimes you
> should just leave well enough alone. The squeal returns again at 
> 01:09
> of GTC, the disapperes and reappears as that gets the sushi roll
> treatment as well. (Inside joke) WIAWSNB follows and is left intact
> after the first cut in the beginning. Disc 1 ends with the intro to 
> MD
> fading out.  Disc two starts off with the beginning of MD but I can
> barely listen to this one now as the distortion makes it nearly
> indescernable(SP?) as it progresses. Was it per chance a PA problem 
> ?
> Well, the crowd loves it all and is showing their appreciation as 
> the
> boys launch into WLL. At this point it looks like there are some 
> tape
> speed problems and to my ear it runs fast and there's some warble 
> from
> here till the end of the show. After the theremin workout it seems
> like the boys aren't sure which direction to take as they kinda
> stumble into Boogie Woogie. Again the distortion makes it tough for 
> me
> to trully make out what's going on until Plant's "I heeeeear alot of
> buzzing!!!' ( how fitting !) and then they slow it down and you can
> really hear Page's pyrotechnics take over. Holy barn burners batman,
> this boy is on fuckin fire. I'm just flabbergasted by Page as they
> wind thru Lemon Song and into "Woman!" Woman!"  The crowd is
> absolutely loving it as Plant goads them into repeating the
> way...WAY!!!! down DOWN!!!! inside. This is a tough one to follow 
> but
> they breakout Communications Breakdown and extend this thriller to
> over 5 minutes with an excellent extended solo/jam including the Do
> want you wanna do riff. The crowd is ecstatic. As Pagey does a tune 
> up
> job Plant asks "Is it getting warmer in here?" Well it's about to as
> they break out another debutante, Rock 'n roll. They speed thru this
> one and again it shows that they need to practice this one a bit 
> more
> as there are some miscues and Pages solo is not what it would evolve
> into in the near future. But then again Page never really did nail
> that one did he? No matter that left the crown in a rabid frenzy as
> they go on shouting WE WANT MORE etc etc etc until the boys finally
> end it all off with a 9 minute Bring it in Home. Plant demonstrates
> that he is quite the accomplished harpist and they end it all off 
> with
> a wicked, harp, bass, Page jam/crescendo that certainly makes up to
> Belfast their skipping them a couple of years before.
> All in all A superior performance by the band warts & all but due to
> the sound of this I wouldn't rate it much higher than a 7. For it's
> historical significance though it's unbeatable but I honestly can't
> say it'll be in rotation as it really is a hard listen at times. I'm
> off for a Guinness and will comeback eventually with my impression 
> of
> the second part of Black Velvel - Dublin
> Oh yeah, a wee birdie told me that the additional sources used for 
> the
> dubs were: Dublin 71 & Ipswitch '71 EV
> Many kudos for Keith for bringing this one to light for all to 
> enjoy.
> With love,
> Nech