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Back from the UK

Hi guys!

After a lot of adventures I'm finally back home. I see that my London
post got through if somewhat snipped at the end, apparently my ISP's
mail facilities aren't made for long reviews!

I haven't taken the time yet to browse through the many digests awaiting
me but I read the joint review of Carol, Sali and Ismet on TBL. It was
great meeting you for good guys!

I'm so glad to have seen this show, it was soooo much better than the
one I saw last year! 3 encores were quite an event, and no one seemed to
want to go away! There's not much to be added to your review for me. My
concert memories are already a bit blurred between bouts of Dragon
hunting in Wales and visiting Sommerset, but when Robert mentioned
Glastonbury and Crowley I didn't think I would be there 2 days later as
it wasn't really planned.... I couldn't help thinking about this line as
I took a few pictures of the Tor....

Isn't it funny how we discover new places and people through our passion
for this band.... I stayed at a cool B&B run by a bengali guy who was so
happy to speak a bit of bengali with me that he would have let me stay
for free if his wife would have let him :-) Not surprisingly the other
room was occupied by another Zep fan.... Alessandra from Italy (those of
you having the Zepfest98 video will know her from there). I had great
curry's every evening and a fantastic concert, what a holiday!

Sorry if this is a bit confused and hardly Zep related but I only just
arrived after a long journey and didn't even take the time to get my
brains together.


Sunila, The Dragonlady