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Re: Seattle Supersonic Rules/Shapes of FBO


>     Sorry Billy Boy but in now way, shape or form is Seattle Supersonic
> better than "Listen To This Eddie" 6-21-77.  Seattle Supersonic does however
> contain the longest version of Dazed and Confused I believe, almost 40
> minutes.

"Eddie" is overrated (as is "Destroyer") because *everybody* has a copy. Both
6/23/77 and 6/25/77 are superior performances.

3/21/75 is a great show, no question about it. First '75 show I ever heard, and
still a favorite, even though I only have the truncated version (fades out
during Stairway). Lately, though, I'm giving the edge to 2/12/75.

And let me join the chorus of people feverishly typing away in an effort to be
the first to point out that the longest-ever Dazed was not the one played in
Seattle, but the last one ever performed in the U.S., on 3/27/75.