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Re: Seattle Supersonic Rules/Shapes of FBO

>     Sorry Billy Boy but in now way, shape or form is
> Seattle Supersonic 
> better than "Listen To This Eddie" 6-21-77.  Seattle
> Supersonic does however 
> contain the longest version of Dazed and Confused I
> believe, almost 40 minutes.

LTTE has good sound, I'll give you that, and the
opening three song combo was never performed better...
but... I dunno, maybe I'm just getting jaded in my old
age, but I can't help but think that LTTE is an
overrated show.  Don't take my word for that. 
Everyone who praises 06-21-77 uses the same
compliments, time and again-- "great sound, grr hrr
hrr", "great TSRTS", blah, blah.  It's all the same
everytime.  I dunno if the following show could be
termed "best" (I'm too impartial to attempt to force
my tastes on others) but I do enjoy listening to
05-13-73.  IMHO, that's the best of the American '73

As for '75... bleh.  Earl's Court... almost bleh.  All
of '75 IMHO (except for Bill's prized Seattle show) is
all bleh.

Time for my Business Computers exam...


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Coming up a which way sign.  All good truants must decide.
stripped and sold mom.  An auctioned forearm and whiskers in the sink.  
Truants move on, cannot stay long.
Some die just to live..."