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Ipswich or B'ham?????

First of all......major kudos to all involved in getting this new forum
underway.  A modern day Reformation!!! :-)

This Ipswich/Birmingham 71 issue is the sort of thing that will drive one
to drink.  I have the alledged B'ham 71 cd source inbound, so I have yet to
hear it.  Boot cd's are famous for splicing shows together, so without even
hearing it, I am skeptical (Remember Leeds 71??)  According to someone who
has heard the Ipswich, Plant makes some kind of reference to the fact that
there is "no city hall" and also some kind of "water" reference (as this
gig was apparantly held in some kind of bath house!!....hmmmm)  If you have
the "Tupenny Upright" cd, you may want to check for these references.  I am
paraphrasing on the Plant quotes, so they may not be entirely accurate.

- -John

Ps: BTW - I just picked up Robert Godwins "The Press Reports".........good