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Zep Trivia Quiz Day 1... We have a Winner!

Sorry for the delay posting results, just now finished going over
the responses....

   Just walked in the door from a new blues bar in the area, and
was suprised by the number of responses. Alot of responses to
a multifaceted question like this means sifting through masses 
of details. Quite a few had all but one or two of the alterations
right, but included some inaccurate material as well. 3 members
of Night Flight :-) had all of the major details correct, but the nod 
goes to Eric Romano for his inclusion of some additional minutiae
(and due to the fact that his was the earliest accurate answer that
I received). I don't have time to respond to everyone personally, but
thanks to everyone who participated: there was truly a nice mixture
of humorous, entertaining and convoluted responses. 

***Reminder: This series of daily quizzes for live shows will not
resume until I return from Florida next Sunday***

Today's Answer(s)
Differences in setlists between the 7th ('71) and 8th US Tours ('72)...

For the 8th US Tour ('72)...

1.) "Black Dog" moves from 4 spot to replace "SIBLY" as the 3rd song,
while "SIBLY" moves to 4th.

2.) "Dazed" drops from its 5th place position preceeding "Stairway" and
the acoustic section... to a spot immediately proceeding the expanded
acoustic set. Nice contrast.

3.) The acoustic set has been expanded to frequently include "Tangerine"
and "Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp" in addition to the '71 standards "GTC" & "TTW".
(Some rarities are occasionally included to this section as well).

4.) As the tour progresses, the advent of tracks from "Houses of the Holy": 
"Dancing Days", "The Ocean" and "OTHAFA".

5.) Celebration Day has been dropped.

6.) WLL Medley, which regularly included Mess O' Blues, My Baby Left
Me and You Shook Me (among others) in '71....... has been somewhat 
dramatically altered. '72 version mainstays include "Hello Mary Lou",
"Going Down Slow", "Heartbreak Hotel" as well as the standards that
would hold over to the '73 Tours, like "Boogie Woogie", "Everybody Needs
Somebody to Love" etc...

Some minutiae in regards to the '72 Tour...
Advent of the low drone intro to "Immigrant Song"
Allusions to "Walter's Walk" "Hots On..." "Crunge" within "D&C"
Thank You a much more rare encore... Rock+Roll more frequent.