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I'm A tiny bit worried.


My third post today, wow!

Well this is interesting:

>Subject: Is PRESENCE Ty Mills???
>Theolyn brought up an interesting point the other day: are PRESENCE and Ty
>Mills both email account aliases belonging to Jason Peterson?  I haven't
>heard Ty stand up for himself against this accusation, but I was inclined
>to believe that Theolyn was just making this up until...
>...I checked my inbox today.  Every time some one subscribes to
>zeppelin-l, I get a confirmation message that includes their name. 
>It turns out that Ty Mills subscribed only a few scant minutes after
>Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 17:29:50 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>To: zeppelin-l-digest-approval@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: SUBSCRIBE zeppelin-l-digest
>- --
>PRESENCE <Presence@xxxxxxxx> has been added to zeppelin-l-digest.
>No action is required on your part.
>Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 17:34:01 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>To: zeppelin-l-approval@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: SUBSCRIBE zeppelin-l
>- --
>quantegy@xxxxxxxx (Ty Mills) has been added to zeppelin-l.
>No action is required on your part.
>Mere coincidence?  I think not!
>One subscribed to the individual post list and one subscribed to the
>digest, possibly as an attempted cover strategy, which, I might add,
>failed miserably.
>This evidence is far from conclusive, but I have to say, if you hear from
>Ty Mills that PRESENCE is a good trader, I would definitely take it with a
>grain of salt.  --chrisb
>Chris Bucchere 

Now first off I want to state clearly and up front that in my eyes this
is hardly enough evidence to go on, but the plot thickens as we discuss.
I am currently a branch on the Fort Worth '71 tree which is being
my Ty Mills.  As of right now I have *absolutely* no reason to believe that
Ty is
Jason Paterson.  He has been prompt with his e-mails and has been more than
forthcoming with information.  I'm sure if he is *NOT* Jason Peterson he
will not
mind a discussion amongst the group about this allegation.  That being
said, i do
have a few questions and observations.  Ty I hope you understand our
concern,  we
are trying to maintain the integrity of the trading core in this group and
discussion is the direct result of what Jason Peterson did to some people
that are
on this list.  It has caused our group awareness to be heightened because
of the
lies and manipulation he perpitrated.  So bare with me and don't take

First question:

To those of you who were scammed by Jason Peterson what address did you
send your
goods to?  I thought I heard some mention of Lincoln Nebraska.  Is this

Was it a P.O. Box?

Have any of the branches for this tree gotten the tape(s) yet from Ty?
If so, when did you get them?

Did Ty in his first message request that you send the tapes right away
to get things rolling (giving you the impression that he would only send
the FW tape after he received your trade).  This is not uncommon!  Just
wanted to get your impressions of the e-mail he sent.


Ty lives in Dwight Nebraska.  Anyone know geographically how close this is
to Lincoln Nebraska?  He also has a P.O. Box as an address.  Again not

One thing that really has me thinking is that the last message he sent me
told me
that he was sending the show out to me and for me to send him my trade
asap.  But
I checked all the messages I sent him and I *Never* sent him my snail mail
Where's he going to send them?  Maybe this was an oversight, I've done it
before where
I tell the person I'm sending it and then I get busy and don't send it for
a couple days only to find I don't have the person's address.  So again
this is
not uncommon.  

Has anyone delt with Ty before that can add to this *discussion*.  

It's not a big deal if I'm out a few blanks, the minimal risk is worth the
but when people start trying to cheat other people I've gotta take a stand

Well, I've wasted enough band-width on this discussion.  Ty if your not
just hang in there and everything will be fine.  Ty if you are Jason I hope
god you are trying to do the right thing and start fresh because if your
to screw with people again I pray for you because.............. 

That's that...