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got a little story for ya....

I've got a story to tell....

Today, I was carrying my new Zep b00tleg (yes, it goes with me
everywhere!). I was up on a porch, and I set it down (gasp!) on the
railing. While I was away, some bloody fool came and knocked it down off
the porch. So, about half an hour later, I come back, only to find it
missing. I look down and see it down on the ground... and see someone
who isn't watching where they're going en route to step on it and crush
it. So, after deciding that it was too high to jump off the porch to try
to save it (say goodbye knees... it was a 20 foot drop!), I sprint like
a mad woman down the stairs, falling down the last five. I then run over
to the tape, diving in front of it just in time to save it (whew!)...
and the guy says "Well Jess, I didn't know you loved me that much!"

Two scraped knees just for a b00tleg.
Ah well.
Can this be counted as an almost Zep collection disaster?

ever onward,
- -- 
And no one sings me lullabies               			
And no one makes me close my eyes     
And so I throw the windows wide      
And call to you across the sky.........