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P/P 2/8/96 Osaka Video Tree

Hi folks-

In continuation with treeing the Japan shows from Mark McFall (Infamous
No Quarter Fanzine). Mark's MIA for awhile :). Catherine Cote "just let
me have this tape" and since she was nice enough to do that, I figured to
tree the show. Thank you Catherine.

>From stage left amateur shot...excellent. *I* like this show alot
because there are three mistakes...only reason. 

This tree will also include the "Carnival of Flesh" DG jam performance at
the '97 Zepfest. This tree died due to reason's but it's back due to
different reasons :) Branches will be responsible to accommodate leaves
that request this show.

Running order of P/P show songs:

1-Celebration Day
2-Bring it on home
4-What is and what should never be
5-The rain song  (Rainn!?)
6-Nigel's hurdy gurdy solo
7-When the levee breaks
8-Gallows pole
9-Tea for one
10-The song remains the same
11-Babe I'm gonna leave you
12-Whole Lotta Love (includes Down by the seaside, Break on through,
dazed and confused)
13-Yallah (Intro only)
14-Four sticks
15-In the evening
17-Black Dog
18-Rock'n Roll

Tree details:
*Send email to pxa5@xxxxxxx, NOT highwaystar@xxxxxxxx
*Subject heading,"P/P 2/8/96 Tree"
*Include nothing more or less:
Email address=
Leaf or Branch=
If branch do you want Carnival of flesh?=
If international branch can you do PAL?=
Country(if not North America)=
*If there are leaves that want Carnival of flesh and there's no branch
requesting a copy of this show, enough branches will be randomly selected
and YOU will be responsible to spin copies.  Every branch must be
prepared and open for this.
*T160 required for P/P show, T120 required for "Carnival of Flesh".
*Tree will close Sept 8.
*There will be a limited number of branches (this is due to *my time*
constraints, therefore I will also not spinoff individual copies).
*None North America(international=Canada excluded) folks will have one
international branch to duplicate NTSC. PAL leaves will be contingent
upon if there's a PAL branch.  
*Blank tape and postage option will be exercised by branches.

Fire away-