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Live recordings you can't live without

Hi All,

I'm just so excited about this new list, maybe it's the martiti talkin' :-).
No really this is my 2nd post and this feels great.

Jason Artman wrote:

>Also, what are some essential P/P boots? I've got the few
>	shows that were recently treed, and I'm wondering where
>	to go from here. 

Well, I just recently started to pull out my P/P boots again.  I seem to
go in phases between Zep and P/P.  After almost 2 years gone the boots hold
up remarkably well.  They are just as fresh and energetic as they were when
P/P were touring.  And the more the group played together the better they
got to be.  Especially Jimmy, man alive he can still play!!  It really is
mind numbing to still here him make that guitar weep.  Any of the shows from
the 2nd leg are simply awesome.  My favorite song is "Thank You" the two
solo's are just so emotional, it sends chills up and down my spine.  The
aren't complicated from a technical point of view but they are so damn gut
wrenching!  I mean.... it's so hard to put into words the feeling one gets
listening to him play sometimes.  It just takes you to another plane
Most versions of SIBLY also could be described this way.  Simply amazing
he can still pull it off considering some of the darker moments Jimmy has
since the break-up.  Page and Plant are certainly good for each other.

One of my favorite series of shows lately has been the European tour.  Just
finished listening to Birmingham 7/23/95 what a great show, really.  My copy
isn't recorded as well as many of the others 7-8 vs. 9-10 for most shows,
what a performance.  WOW.  7/20/95 Dublin is also a great show which
Custard Pie.  The 2 Wembley shows are awesome as well as the 2 Liverpool
and the Liverpool shows are available in excellent sound.

As always Chicago 10/13 is incredible, I was there and re-live it everytime
I listen to this this show.  

Mountain View 10/7 and Salt Lake 10/10 are great because of Heartbreaker
played among the first times.

The Mexico shows were fabulous also.  I don't have them yet but I've heard
they are great.  Anyone want to trade??

Also the Japanese leg was wonderful.

The first shows of the 1st leg are really very good but they were spotty at
not as consistent as on the 2nd leg.  Really this makes sense and if you
many of the shows to the 2nd leg, they really are better on the 2nd leg.  

When I have some time here in the near future I may be able to tree the
or Dublin shows if there is enough interest.  I've wanted to give something
and the time will be right very soon.

Have a good one or two...