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        Just a little zep anecdote that I thought I'd share with the list
(does it have a name yet, by the way?) My friend Nan is really into those
little girl lip glosses called Lip Smackers. They must have about fifty
flavors, and everytime I see her with a new one I ask if I can try it. They
are food flavored, mostly like fruit or a drink (such as mocha) and they
smell really good. Anyways, the other day she has a new one, called "Glazed
and Confused". It has this really weird smell that I am assuming is supposed
to be donut (glazed-- get it?) and it's a silver color. I just think it's
weird that the phrase Dazed and Confused has become so familiar that there
is even a reference to it in a lipgloss name! 

                "A lotta led, it's good for the head"
                                --- Heather