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Re: Zep never repeated themselves

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> Hello, All -
> I had a thought the other night.
> Zeppelin wrote the biggest radio hit of all time, Stairway to Heaven.
> Within two years, they knew what they had; I mean that by their '73 tour
> they knew that fans were gaga for the song.
> Isn't it amazing, in that light, that they never tried to copy
> Sure, songs like TYG, ItL and Kashmir (among others) come from the same
> quadrant of the galaxy, but there is no Zeppelin song that's any kind of
> attempt to re-do Stairway.
> Pretty cool.

That, my dear, is why I've been a devoted fan for so many years.  And I
don't necessarily agree that TYG, ItL and Kashmir are from the same
quadrant of the galaxy.   I have always felt they never really tried the
same thing twice.  They were diverse, risk takers.  Even with the heavy
blues stuff, it all had elements of Zep originality.  It's like Jimmy
wanted to try everything.  This diversity is a yardstick that other bands
should be measured by (bad grammar).  Most can't compete.  I like
Collective Soul but talk about songs coming from the same quadrant - their
stuff comes from the same block.  Zep's music shows new bands what it takes
to be successful.  Their music will still be around long after we're all
too old for this mailing list  (?? and what age will that be?).