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Hello all that are here... probably not many yet...

I was visiting a little hole in the wall CD store south of my house
I went right in, browsed through Pink Floyd.. then Led Zeppelin.
I went up to the counter, and said "Do you carry b00tlegs?"
I expected to either be thrown out or to be led to a little side room of
the store.
Neither happened.
The young man running the store led me over to a tape rack, right out in
the open, pointed and said a little about the b00ts, and went back to
his seat at the register.
I cleaned out the shelf.
They only had two LedZep b00ts, but I was happy, cuz these were my first
I came ut of the store, white plastic bag in hand and a big grin on my

But, the real purpose to this story is this:
The b00tlegs I got are titled 
Led Zeppelin: Upwardly Mobile from Mobile, Alabama, 1973
Led Zeppelin: Sick Again from Cleveland, 1977

Can someone please tell me a little about these b00ts.. if they are
rare... just something about them.
thanks in advance...

ever onward,
- -- 
And no one sings me lullabies               			
And no one makes me close my eyes     
And so I throw the windows wide      
And call to you across the sky.........