The Jeremy Mixer Collection

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To see who the 5th member of Led Zeppelin really was!

 The Basement Sessions Jeff Lybarger, Ed Zeppelin and Eric Bonatti reherse for the DG Jam. Eric proudly sports his DG T-Shirt!

Bill McCue and Amy "Aimsta" Brookes
Bill Rules!

The Deerhakes
Bruce & Kathy staff the DG table.

 A Led Zeppelin Discussion Group But this one is face-to-face! Natel Hernandez, Dave Anderson, Catherine Cote and Andre Lebel

Ann Marie Hunley
enjoys a lemon

Led Zeppelin IV Gold Album Award
for sale at the Merit Adventures table

Is it Jimmy?
Or is it Larry Spiak, of The White ? Only his hairdresser knows for sur e!

Michael White
of The White shakin his thing!

Kelly Mauricette
of The White - doing "Four Sticks"

The Killing Floor
- The Zepfest Aftermath...... Jeremy, were you on the floor?


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