The Catherine Cote Collection

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Causing trouble in the hallways
are: Bill McCue (kneeling), Dave Anderson, Catherine Cote, Amy Brookes

 Femail DGers hangning out Kate Nicholson, Debra Glanister, Connie Scarborough, Catherine Cote and Robin Babou

Another famous celebrity John Belushi
(or is that Zerxes?) poses with Catherine Cote and Jeremy Mixer

Enjoying the DG Jam
are: Paul Groleau, Catherine Cote, Puoya Arya and Julia Quets

DGers Jamin' at the Jam
Dave Anderson, Bill McCue, John Paul Syckes and Mike Kruggel

Solo break!
John Paul Syckes, Mike Kruggel and Hugh Jones

Bill McCue
tries to remember the words, while Jeff Lybarger strums the strings

Pouya and Jeff Lybarger
at the DG Jam

Led Zeppelin tribute band
, The White cap off the weekend's events

JR Stroufe
- no bed of roses!! (NO JR, you can't have my Bud Lite!)


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