The Bruce and Kathy Deerhake Collection


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 The first evening I was there, I had a wonderful time with great food, great company, and a great view at the Skylon Tower Restaurant on the Canadian side. Carmen Rey, Luis Rey, Hugh Jones, Big John, Susan Hedrick, Base Hedrick, Jack Groves, Rick Barrett, Kathy Deerhake

 Hugh Jones and Rick Barrett on the observation deck at the Skylon Hugh publishes a Led Zeppelin Fanzine Proximity and Rick owns the world's largest distributor of Led Zeppelin merchandise company, Merit Adventures (now

Hugh Jones and Bruce Deerhake on the observation deck at the Skylon.

Base Hedrick and Hugh Jones on the observation deck at the Skylon
Base, along with his wife, Susan, are editors of Led Zeppelin Live by Luis Rey.

Grant Burgess
, Zepfest Organizer, giving out prizes. When this was taken, he called out Ann Marie's name, but she was no where to be found!

Bill McCue, Dave Anderson, Amy "Aimsta" Brookes
after a long day of Zepfest shopping.

 More DGers Jeremy Mixer ponders life without typos while Natel Hernandez and Jeff Lybarger plot a new "Song of the Day" and Chris Gust plans his new bootleg purchase with the aid of Luis Rey's new book

 Would you join DG if you knew these people were on there? Annie "Zepqueen" Parrish, Zerxes Bhagalia (Head of DG), and Shelby Syckes hold down the fort at the DG table. Bob Walker, publisher of Hot Wacks can be seen in the background, on the left

The Zep Queen and King
Annie and Buzz Parrish

 Things look happy at the Merit Adventures Tables. Jack Groves, Rick Barrett and Big John.

Hugh Jones
, publisher of Proximity stops to pose for a picture.

 Luis Rey and Bruce Deerhake Luis is the author of Led Zeppelin Live. The Final Edition was released the day of this picture. Luis traveled all the way from the UK for a book signing.

 Bruce Deerhake, Susan and Base Hedrick The Hedricks are editors of Luis Rey's book and Susan is the publisher of the fanzine Oh Jimmy!

 Bruce Deerhake and Rob Godwin Rob has authored many Led Zeppelin (and other bands) books such as The Illustrated Collector's Guide To Led Zeppelin and The Making of Led Zeppelin IV among others.


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