The Ann Marie Hunley Collection

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 DGers take a bow Zerxes Bhagalia, Connie Scarborough, Jeff Lybarger, Ann Marie Hunley, Jeremy Mixer and Mike Kruggel

Pouya finds a bride!
Sorry, she's taken!

DG Buds
Jeff Lybarger, Brett McElheny, JR Stroufe and Eric Fallas enjoy some fresh air

Eric Fallas
Always with a beer & a smile!

Good friends,
Rita DeVries and Ann Marie Hunley enjoy the falls

 At the Hard Rock Cafe Zerxes, Rita Devries, Jeff Lybarger, Jeremy Mixer, Ann Marie Hunley, Pouya

Hugh Jones and Ann Marie "lemons" Hunley

Hugh "Mr Prox" Jones
provides some guitar work and vocal support in the DG Jam

Getting in tune
Pouya and Jeff Lybarger

Ed Zeppelin, Bill McCue and Jeff Lybarger
doing "Black Country Woman"

Zerxes, Ed Zeppelin, Jeff Lybarger, Steve "JP" Syckes and Pouya
doing Stairway to Heaven

Ann Marie poses with Mr Loveable himself, Bill McCue

Ann Marie trying to get a free book from Luis Rey

Rita DeVries laughs it up with Hugh Jones

 The famous "DG Group Shot" 1st Row: Zerxes, Catherine Cote;
2nd row: Hugh Jones, Sandy, Dave Anderson, Ann Marie, JR (in headlock), Ben Langston, Mike Kruggel, Tracy Duncan;
3rd Row: Dardo Simone (DGer Emeritus), Chris Gust, Keith Clifford
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 The Gang's All Here - Well, at least 21 of the 1,000 DGers! 1st row: Eric Fallas, Ann Marie, Jeff Lybarger, Jeremy Mixer; 2nd row: JR Stroufe;
3rd row: Rita Devries, Annie Parrish, Ed Zeppelin (behind Annie), Natel Hernandez, Catherine Cote, Shelby Syckes, Connie Scarborough, Brett McElheny, Julia Quets, Robin Babou;
4th row: unknown2, Zerxes, Donald Masecar, unknown4, Mike Kruggel, Jenny J ohannes
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