The Annie and Buzz Parrish Collection

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DGers at the Hard Rock Cafe
Cindy Bennett, Ed Zeppelin, Jeremy Mixer and Natel Hernandez

More DGers at the Hard Rock
Mike Kruggel, Tracy Duncan, John, Zerxes Bhagalia

Another table of DGers!
Buzz Parrish, Catherine Cote, Andre Lebel

Annie "Zepqueen" Parrish
shows off her new Zepfest apparel

JR Stroufe
shows us the right way to wear Zepfest apparel

Ann Marie Hunley
gets ready to party

Zepqueen Parish, JR Stroufe and unknown
"NO JR! You can't have my Bud Lite!

Brett McElheny
shows off his latest acquisition - Jimmy in his "stormtrooper" outfit

Debra Ganister chats with Zerxes
, while JR looks for his shoes

lotastuff for sale
Base waves "hi" from a far

 A DG Mini-party Buzz Parrish, Zerxes, Brett McElheny, Jenny Johannes "So Buzz, you're not really a terrorist?"

Robin Babou, Julia Quets and Connie Scarborough

Jeremy Mixer
blows his blues harp at the DG Jam!

Sean Connally
at the DG Jam

Mike Kruggel
at the DG Jam

A rare picture of Pouya

Steve "John Paul" Syckes
keeps the rhythm

Jeff Lybarger
does some finger picking

Hugh Jones
reaches for a note

Dave Anderson, Ed Zeppelin and Mike Kruggel
go acoustic doing "Thats the Way"

Ed Zeppelin and Dave Anderson
doing "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You"

The Syckes Brothers: Stan (guitar) and Steve (bass)
- Dad gave them great taste in music!

Jeremy Mixer, Eric Bonatti, John Paul Syckes and Mike Kruggel doing "Whole Lotta Love"

Zerxes Bhagalia
sings his heart out in Stairway to Heaven

Robin Babou, Kate Nicholson, Rita DeVries enjoy the DG Jam
, while JR tries to think of a cool pick-up line

 Enjoying the jam and good beer Eric Fallas, Brett McElheny, Tracy Duncan, Mike Kruggel, Ann Marie (in front)

 Watching the DG jam Jeremy Mixer, Zepqueen, Natel, John, Chris Gust, Zerxes and Cindy Bennett (with camera)

 Watching Page/Plant videos unknown, Shelby Syckes (standing), Shelby's kids, Jeff Lybarger, Eric Fallas, Pouya and a host of others take in a Page/Plant video

The White
, a Led Zeppelin tribute band finished out Zepfest '97 on Saturday night

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