The Led Zeppelin License Plate Page

Welcome to The Led Zeppelin License Plate Page!

Here are some pictures of Led Zeppelin fans and their cars featuring Led Zeppelin related license plates!
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The first two cars are owned by Pouya. Pouya hails from California. This first car is a 1988 Merkur Scorpio

This is Pouya's other car a 1968 Triumph TR250. Pouya is an expert on Triumphs!

This is the lovely Ann Marie from Indiana posing with her 1995 Dodge Stratus ES. She says: "Hi I'm Ann Marie...I have been a registered nurse in Southern IN for the past 7 years. I have loved Zep since I was 13, and have a passion for concerts, roadtrips, flowers-esp. roses, chocolate, and beer! The plate stands for the state that I have been in since I found out that Plant and Page were gonna take it on the road again!!"

The Three Musketeers! From Left to Right: Rita from Indiana with her 1991 Ford Thunderbird; Connie from Ohio with her 1989 Nissan 200SX EX; Ann Marie from Indiana with her 1995 Dodge Stratus ES

Kevin Rades 23, with his 1986 Buick Century. "Member of DG list since 1992-"typical lurker." I've got around 75 Zep-P/P shows and I'm always willing to trade. I saw P/P 4 times in 1995. Hmmmm...that's about it!"

LED TUNAJeremy Mixer's 87 Olds Cutlas Ciera registered in Maine, with "LED TUNA" plates. Tuna is for Hot Tuna, which is his second favorite band, and the Led is for Zeppelin. Jeremy has been on the Led Zeppelin email discussion list since November 1993, and has been involved with the IRC channel and jam sessions at the last three Led Zeppelin conventions.



Hi! My name is Tara. This is a picture of me and my 7-YO daughter proudly representing my passion for Zeppelin and Pagey on my '95 Volvo.

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Here is the truck owned by Chris Phillips. Chris can be found hanging out in the newsgroup, and goes by the handle "CLUB LED." Club Led hails from Biloxi, Mississippi and has been a Zep Head since 1969!

Simon's Truck!
This is Simon Alexander's 1992 Ford Ranger. Simon is from Oklahoma. He says he gets alot of attention all over town with these plates!


DelaneDelane Delane hails from sunny Florida. Here she is posing with her Honda.


Here are some words from Maria Callas, who drives a truck in that state up North: "Who cares what the truck looks like, check out the plate! Short but sweet. You'll notice the model is wearing a custom made rhinestone shirt brought to you by Groove About Designs. For you female Zep fans who are TIRED of wearing those boxy men's t-shirts, this is the shirt for you! The shirt comes in various colors and bares the Led Zeppelin logo in rhinestone color of your choice. Email to order yours today."




Here is my addition to the plates

It is 10YRSGN for Ten Years Gone.
My car is a 1996 Ford Thunderbird. I have noticed only true Zep fans
are able to figure it out. And there is a big hint in the license plate frame

Jim Dunn
Fremont, Ca


Here is my addition to the plates
I saw Led Zeppelin in 1973 and 1975 when I was in high school.
Howard Grant



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