Jeff Lybarger's Song OF The Day

Subj: Song of the day VI
Date: 96-12-03 00:43:43 EST
From: OUTRIDERJL@AOL.COM (Jeff Lybarger)

Well, Good Evening one and all, whew, what a long and grueling day. I'm running behind here, so let's jump right in to todays song. Revisiting "Physical Grafitti" once again, Disc II, track 9, clocking in at 4:40, "Sick Again".

Kicking off with a very heavy Page riff, then explosion and we're off to Los Angeles as Robert spins a tale of the groupie scene so prominent around Led Zeppelin.

     "From the window of your rented limousine
      I caught your ??blue eyes
      One day soon you're gonna reach sixteen
      Painted lady in the city of lies"
Robert has such a way of painting the picture for us, and here that picture is quite sad. "Clutching pages from your teenage dream, in the lobby of the hotel paradise, through the circus of the L.A. queens, how fast you learn the down hill slide". I'm convinced the chorus is the groupies talking to Robert, "Ah, do ya, know my name, do I, look the same? Baby I got to tell ya I'm the one you want, everybody knows I'm the one you need".

The music here is so upbeat and happy sounding, it's very cool the way he reflects on a depressing theme. Page is really in a groove with Bonham and Jones, as the song bounces along, and his solo is very classic Jimmy. Very thin sounding, melodic, concise and to the point. John Bonham is, well here I go again, just outstanding on this. You're all thinking, "when is he going to do "Moby Dick" and be done with it". I just can't say enough about Mr. Bonham. Listen to his flurry of fills right before Jimmy's solo, his drumming throughout is textbook. Solid, tight and loose, and man, he beat the HELL out of those skins.

A lot of Zeppelin's more goovin' songs were born out of jams, (RnR, Cusatrd Pie, etc..) and though I don't know that is the case here, I would bet that's how this came to be. We get to see them as a band rocking out and generally just having fun. It's not as complex as most of their arrangements and maybe that's why. This was played on the ' 75 and ' 77 tours, second song of the set, and again later in the sets of one Copenhagen show and the two Knebworth shows.

A bit of trivia, this was one of the songs Jimmy played on his doubleneck, following "Song Remains..." in the ' 77 tour. On that tour they used "The Rover" as an intro, to kick start things. I've read that the intro on the "Physical" album came after they had recorded the song. Apparently they couldn't come up with a proper intro, so Jimmy went away and came up with the one we all know. Might explain why the "Rover" was used in ' 77 to start it off. I wish they would have played the "Rover" as well, but you can't have everything now can you?

Another example of the depth of Led Zeppelin, the music rocks and intelligent lyrics. After a long, hard day, the perfect tonic to replenish and revive ones self. Till tomorrow, Rock on,


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