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Date: 97-05-13 07:47:29 EDT
From: OUTRIDERJL@AOL.COM (Jeff Lybarger)

... "so this is a song of love, in one of it's finest forms, chasing... the heart." Today's song will be a bit different from anything that's come before it, or anything that will follow it. I ask that you humour me this once, allow me to... wander, so to speak, in thought. To reflect on a song that has had many different meanings to me, as well as many different meanings to all of you.

When I first joined this list there were two differing opinions as to what this song was really about. I had always thought it a love song, then someone on this list came forth with a most detailed description that this was really Robert talking to, and about Mr. Coverdale. Kinda blew my mind, but it did make sense. So it was that I went with this new info and discovered a new meaning. But over time something kept telling me that what this song means to me, and maybe only to me, was something deeper.

So it is now that I shall present my personal reflections, which really only came into clear view recently. A most personal song, for me a most personal meaning. WARNING: This will be long. Delete now if you don't like long posts. This will be the only song of the day from this particular album. Not a Led Zeppelin album, nor Page or Plant solo outing. This one comes to us from the "Unleded" album, track nine, clocking in at 4:56, "Wonderful One."

To reverse the order here let me say that Jimmy and Robert performed this song ocassionally over their "No Quarter" tour. A most beautiful song, worthy of being placed alongside any Zeppelin piece. Jimmy performs this on a twin-neck acoustic, which is in two seperate tunings. The beginning and main part of the song is played on the six string part of the guitar, and is tuned, from low to high, Gb, Gb, Db, Gb, Db, Gb. The change in the song, on the twelve string part, is tuned to standard tuning with a capo placed at the first fret.

A sparse drum loop is the first thing we hear, followed by the entrance of Jimmy's beautiful and sad acoustic guitar. A very mesmerizing piece of music, very hypnotic. And now we begin a look, inside the heart.

     "So throw it down Cleveland rain,
      the queen of love has flown again,
      to seek her daughter...

It must be noted here that this song begins and ends with the same verse. Almost, that is, there is one slight change, and we will get to that. This verse here, to me symbolizes frustration. You have the reference to rain, and the "queen of love has flown." Now, what is that frustration about? This is, to me, a very deep love song. The frustration centers around a Romeo and Juliet theme. Two lovers, connected, yet unable to share the time they so much desire. The line, "to seek her daughter" is somewhat tricky. To me it is the girl drawing back, escaping ever so briefly from the flood of emotions, and turning to her innerself for comfort, as well as guideance.

     "Who must lie beside the thief,
      whose golden tongue she will believe
      defies the order...

The thief is not really a "thief." Not in the sense that one might imagine. The only thing he has stolen is her heart. In the next line we see that she will believe his "golden tongue." Some might interpret that to mean he's a liar. A thief and a liar. But no, we don't hear "silver tongue", as in a silver tongued fox, we hear "golden tongue." This is in reference to the way he talks to her. He talks in a way no one ever has. His voice soothing, comforting, reassuring. She knows all will be well once she hears his voice. "Defies the order", simple really. She never imagined someone could capture her heart in this way. She never imagined emotions so powerful. Defies the order.

     "Oh, that is why
      oh, that is why...

      Shall we dance and never stop,
      take my hand and stop the clock
      from turning over...

The couple feel safe and secure in each others arms. They dance the dance of passioned lovers. They move gently, oh so slow, they feel the warmth of their desire, and smile. They feel the bond between them strengthen. Neither wants this moment to end. But time, as in all realities, keeps ticking away. He whispers to her, "take my hand and stop the clock." Yes, we shall suspend time forever. Stay here in my arms and never leave.

      "And spirit weave, spirit bend,
       in the move that has no end
       that we must follow... oh ohhh oh

The reference to "spirit weave, spirit bend" is the force that is so strong between them. "In the move that has no end", again, another reference to time, and their desire to escape to a place where time has no value. "That we must follow" is a very strong symbol of destiny.

      "Show me your eyes,
       oh light of the sun...

As they dance he asks her to look at him, for it is her eyes that give him peace. "Light of the sun", he can feel, perhaps for the very first time, that he has seen the glowing warmth of love at it's most intense state.

      "Touch me with fire
       my mind is undone...

She answers him, "touch me with fire", his hands, warm and protective, caressing her body. Her mind is "undone." She has surrendered to the power of her emotions.

      "All life inspire
       my freedom has come...

The picture is clear now, everything leads to this point. Everything makes perfect sense, and that feeling of total freedom has overcome them both.

      "I drift through desire,
       my wonderful one...

As they hold tightly to one another, their dreams, their desires realized, a calm overtakes them. And all is right.

      "When you do what you do
       I can never, never, never let you go
       And when you feel the way you feel
       you can never no, never let it show...

Here he shares with her his feelings, his emotions. He can never let her go, that feeling of time standing still, that feeling of completeness, that feeling of light and warmth has taken quite the hold on his heart. However, we also see a hint of the Romeo and Juliet scenario in the next line. Feeling so strong, so powerful, and yet you can never let it show. This is the saddest thing I have ever heard.

At this point we return to the chorus, and though the words are the same here, it is what follows these words that is so powerful. Feelings and emotions too deep, too powerful to describe in mere words.

     "Oh, oh oh now,
      Ah ah ah
      Hmm oh ah oh
      Oh ooh oh oh oh

     "So throw it down Cleveland rain
      the queen of love has flown again
      to seek her daughter...
      Who must lie beneath the thief
      whose golden tongue she will believe
      defies the order...

A return to the beginning of the song. Sad, frustrated, angry, hurt, a melancholy feeling over their situation. However, their is a slight difference here. The line, "who must lie beside the thief" has changed to "who must lie beneath the thief." This is a very subtle change, yet very symbolice as well. Rather than dwell on the negative aspects, the seperation from the queen who has flown, he decides to reflect on the positive. He chooses to relive in his mind, over and over, those precious moments shared between the two.

When their lips meet they are swept away in a most passionate kiss. Her body tingles, her heart beat races. The kiss they share is unlike any other she has ever experienced. Full of emotion, passion, tenderness, and has her feeling as if she could stay in this moment without ever leaving. Relinquishing any fears or doubts, she has surrendered completely to her heart, she feels years and years worth of pent up emotions flooding out all at once.

Slowly, gently he pulls away from her lips. Moving down to her neck, he places tiny kisses there, which she delights in. Slowly still, he continues to move down her body, kissing every inch of her, teasing her, driving her crazy with anticipation. He doesn't place his lips on her breasts, rather he rolls his tongue around the outer edges, softly, slowly. She can feel her body quiver, she can feel the warmth of his breath, and she allows herself to be totally consumed in the moment. At her stomach now, his tongue caressing her, almost tickling her, pushing her farther and farther over the edge.

He continues downward, his mouth on her inner thigh area now, the heat rising, the passion driving her completely crazy.

"my mind is undone..."

He begins to move slower now, he can feel her quickened pulse, he will take his time and take her to a place that so few will ever know.
"when you do what you do, I can never, never, never let you go"

Downward, slow, gentle, his lips and tongue gliding along her thigh. He feels her body start to tense up. He stops suddenly, pausing... and then begins to move upward. His mouth covering her trembling leg, she begins to breath short, quick breaths now, the anticipation almost realized. Closer, closer, that's it, that's it...
"I drift through desire..."

...closer. Yes, she whispers loudly, yes... yes... oh yes... closer, his breath... his hot breath against her burning flesh, almost there baby, oh
"take my hand and stop the clock from turning over..."

... almost, that's it, oh yes, almost there. This is sending her into a completely new world. Her body, full of feelings she has never known, tingling, quivering, shaking, the most intense feelings of desire, she bathes in this moment.
"who must lie beneath the thief"

She takes a very deep breath, his tongue at the most inner part of her thigh, moving closer, taking his time, she trembles, the build up without release has driven her completely over the edge, she can take no more...
"whose golden tongue she will believe..."

...almost home baby, that's it... oh yes...


Her body begins to shake uncontrollably, the pleasure, the sweet satisfaction, the release.
She clutches his hair in her hands, and softly whispers his name...  J e  f  f

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