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Subj: Song of the day XLVIII
Date: 97-04-24 20:36:35 EDT
From: OUTRIDERJL@AOL.COM (Jeff Lybarger)

Spring is in the air, (and so is a whole lotta rain), and it's the perfect time for something uplifting, something that helps the spirit soar. So today we shall journey back in time to 1973, mystical castles, strange song titles, and little naked children. Yes folks, that lovely orange album titled "Houses Of The Holy", track 5, clocking in at 3:41, "Dancing Days."

A wonderful, typically off the beaten path riff from Pagey jump starts this little gem. The mood is set right from the get-go, and that mood is a happy one. Jimmy's guitar playing is so inspiring here, adding overdubs here and there, and we are instantly sucked into the great vibes eminating from the speakers.

Robert's vocals are a joy to listen to, and he almost sounds like he is singing this with a huge grin on his face. Jonsey is, well, solid as ever, and Bonham throws in some more of those "only Bonzo" fills. Between the four of them this is one of those songs that I discover something new almost everytime I listen to it. And that's about 2,281 and counting right now.

      "Dancing days are here again,
       the summer evenings grow
       I've got my flower I've got my power,
       I've got a woman who knows...

       I said it's allright, ya know it's allright,
       I guess it's all in my heart,
       You'll be my only, my one and only...
       is that the way it should start?"

Robert dips into some flower child flashbacks with the "flower" and "power" parts, and my what a lucky man, he has a woman who KNOWS! Very important part of life, being with someone who KNOWS! And just what DOES she know? Perhaps that she's his one and only.

The chorus in this song is just so fun, when he proclaims "it's allright", you feel as if there is no need or reason to question, you just feel as if things are safe and right in the world.

       "Crazy ways are evident
        in the way you wear your clothes,
        Sippin' booze is precedent,
        as the evening starts to glow..."
Sounds like a very relaxing and lazy time, just the way summer should be. Hangin' with the one you love, the one who knows, no worrys, no fears, nothing but good times. Although it may not be reality all the time, that we CAN slip away to that place is what makes it so special. Having Zeppelin as the soundtrack for those special times is a perfect start, I might add.

Robert then delivers one of his most humorous lines of all time, as we all witnessed on DG a short spell back, when someone (one of our English brethren?) posted the true meaning for all those not in the know:

       "You told your momma I'd get you home,
         but you didn't say that I had no car...
         (Hint: Here's the line)
         I saw a lion he was standing alone,
         with a tadpole in a jar..."
Thanks to whoever posted that I can never quite listen to this song the same way again... I die laughing now!

"Dancing Days" is one of those upbeat songs that inspire great vibes, happy times, and another impossible to drive the speed limit when hearing from behind the wheel. Zeppelin first performed this in a live setting way back in November of 1971, at the Wembley Empire Pool gig. Entered the set in the latter part of the 1972 U.S. tour, and on June 19 of that year was played TWICE in one show at Seattle: once in the main set, then returned as an encore. They revised it as an inclusion in the acoustic sets from the 1977 tour, done as a medley with "Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp", and a full acoustic rendering was performed in Los Angeles on June 27, at the LA Forum!

Jimmy and Robert then revised it on their "Unleded" tour as well, slightly slower paced, Robert's vocal approach quite different as well. A very fun song, even the band enjoyed this one to the hilt, as Eddie Kramer pointed out that they were all in a line dancing along to this whilst hearing the playback. That would make for great bootleg video history!

So with summer approaching don't let it sneak up on you without the proper music there to extend a welcome hand. Crank it up loud and DANCE... DANCE... DANCE...

Rock on,


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