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Subj: Song of the day XL
Date: 97-03-20 11:50:44 EST
From: OUTRIDERJL@AOL.COM (Jeff Lybarger)

Good day to all those in DG land. Hope you all are feeling good. I've been a bit busy as of late, can't seem to take my hands off of my guitar, so that's why the songs of the day have been rather non-existent. My apologies. Today I thought we'd step back to 1975, from the Physical Graffiti album, side two, track one, ( track four on the CD), clocking in at 4:01, "Houses Of The Holy".

Jimmy gets things rolling with a fun riff, then Jonsey and Bonzo enter with a mighty *duhn duhn*, and the groove is underway. The pace that Jimmy sets in the first few notes is quite exciting, and they keep it going through out the song, never letting up, never straying from the course. Jimmy throws in some neat little licks here and there, and his playing on this song is inspiring and contagious. You just can't listen to this without getting happy and wanting to dance.

       "Let me take you to the movies,
        can I take you to the show...
        Let me be yours ever truly
        Can I make your garden grow...

        From the houses of the holy,
        we can watch the white doves go...
        From the door comes Satan's daughter,
        and it only goes to show...
        And you know..."

Uh, actually Robert, I don't know. This is one of those songs where his lyrics leave me a little confused. While his singing is cool, and later in the song he really sounds like he's into things, how do we go from "making your garden grow", ( a bit of sexual slang perhaps?), to Satan's daughter coming through the door? Then check out the next line.

         "There's an angel on my shoulder,
           In my hand a sword of gold...
           Let me wander in your garden,
           and the seeds of love I've sown..."

Now these are pure flower child lyrics, Robert has a ' 60's flashback. Wandering through gardens and seeds of love, but where is this thing going? Is there more here than just what's on the surface? Am I the only one who has had a difficult time trying to figure this out? Does anyone care? :)

That certain element of *light and shade* is there, good versus evil, but why start the song out like a love song?

        "So the world is spinning faster,
         are you dizzy when you're stoned...
         Let the music be your master,
         will you heed the master's call..."

You have to listen to Bonzo on this song. Really pay attention to him, cause he makes this whole thing SWING. On just about every verse he throws in a few subtle changes, never playing exactly the same thing. One major reason Zeppelin's music has continued to thrive through out the years is because of the talent of this man, John Henry Bonham. The way he approached every single song is just amazing. The ultimate artist.

         "Said there ain't no use in crying,
          Cause it will only only drive you mad...
          Does it hurt to hear them lying,
          Was this the only world you had..."

The only thing driving me mad are these confounded lyrics. Once again a new direction, something not even hinted at prior to this. Who the hell is lying Robert? Oh well, the words fit, and they rhyme, maybe that's all I need to worry about. I gotta beleive there's something deeper here, I just can't bloody find it!

Of course, to make things worse, he goes back and repeats the first verse, so what is it? Love song, good versus evil song, or song with absolutely no relevant meaning whatsoever? You decide!

All in all, this is certainly not one of the Zep classics, but, a fun song. A very good highway driving 85 mile per hour kinda song, just don't try to figure it out.

Zeppelin never performed this one live. In a way it would have been neat to hear this though, cause Bonzo is so good here, and Jimmy's playing would have been very excited and, in a good way, chaotic, in a live setting.

Have a wonderful day, and if all goes well, I'll see you right back here tomorrow.

Rock on,


PS- for those of you like me, who get confused by these bleeding roman numerals, this # 40. Thanks to those who sent the roman formula.

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