Jeff Lybarger's Song OF The Day

Subj: Song of the day IV
Date: 96-11-28 16:17:51 EST
From: OUTRIDERJL@AOL.COM (Jeff Lybarger)

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Hope you're enjoying your turkey and all the trimmings, hope you left room for the song of the day. From "Physical Graffiti", track one clocking in at 4:13, "Custard Pie". (Some would say I have a warped sense of humour. Ahem Kate, Ahem Debra.)

Jimmy gets this rocker started off with a biting, distorted riff, then John Paul enters in with a cool bass line, and things explode from there. Turn your speaker balance to the left to really hear John Paul's bass on this one. Robert's lyrics are quite funny here, borrowing heavily from Bukka White's "Shake 'Em On Down" and Sonny Terry's "Custard Pie Blues", but who really cares? This is Zep having fun.

Robert plays some cool blues harp, Jimmy rips out another kickin' solo and you can just see the smiles on their faces as they worked on this in the studio. A fun song to have blasting in the car while blowing down the interstate. Though they never performed this live they did at least rehearse it for the 1975 tour. Probally one of the most widely used songs after Zeppelin. You all remember "Tall Cool One", on the record and especially live, where Robert played through the first verse. Jimmy also played this on his 1988 solo tour, and his happens to be my favourite version, throwing in licks from "The Ocean" and dropping right in to "Black Dog" for a quick line and then stomping right back to the main riff of .."Pie".

Jimmy and Robert also played this on the No Quarter tour, towards the latter half. A very cool song with the band just kicking back and enjoying a good jam. So have a nice feast, eat plenty of turkey, but "when you cut it mama, please save me a slice... I like your Custard Pie..."

Till tomorrow, Rock on, Jeff

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