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Subj: Song of the day XXXIX
Date: 97-03-17 13:41:24 EST
From: OUTRIDERJL@AOL.COM (Jeff Lybarger)

Attention Zeppelin shoppers, we are running a brown bag special in aisle 9 this morning. Please forgive our mess, as we are under construction to make our store a more pleasurable shopping experience for you. Please follow the arrows around the side of the building. You'll have to enter In Through The Outdoor, to track seven, clocking in at 5:28, "I'm Gonna Crawl".

John Paul opens this track with a gorgeous string arrangement via his synthesiser. At first listen you almost expect this to segue right into an old Gary Cooper movie, but then Bonzo makes his presence felt, and, ah yes, a classic slow blues, with a slight twist.

Jimmy lays back, playing some cool, mellow lines, letting Bonzo and Jonsey carry the plodding beat along. When Robert enters, his singing is relaxed, soothing, pulling the listener in, as if he is personally telling us of his affections toward the young lady that this song is about.

       "Oh, she's my baby,
        Let me tell you why...
        Hey, she drives me crazy,
        She's the apple of my eye...

        Cause she is my girl,
        And she can never do wrong...
        If I dream too much tonight,
        Somebody please bring me down..."

What an incredible vocal performance by Mr. Plant. The long drawn out, high scream on *down* is truly spine tingling. Bonham rattling off a quick fill behind Robert there, and then stopping, letting the awesome voice go it alone, then re-entering with the slow beat. Such a subtle touch, creating beautiful tension and release, playing off the vocals. Once again John Bonham demonstrates why he is THE drummer of all drummers. A lot of his most special moments are those that don't always stand out at first, but once you notice them you realise what he did couldn't have been done any better, or any other way.

        "Hey, I love that little lady,
         I've got to be her fool...
         Ain't no other like my baby,
         I can't break, golden rule...

         Cause  I get down on my knees,
         Oh, I pray that the love won't die...
         And if I hold this child please,
         I don't know no reason why..."

Robert is on fire now, as the band begins to heat things up, the song starting to rock, he proclaims, "Every little bit, every little bit, every little bit, of my love, I give to you girl". Building and building, Zeppelin as a band reaching climax, and then, Jimmy takes over with one of his most soulful and sad solo's ever. As a guitarist Jimmy has been recognised for many things, but one thing that I've always felt he was overlooked on, is his ability to play blues without playing standard cliche` licks. You almost never hear the same old traditional blues licks that everyone else plays, and this certainly deserves mention.

        "Hit me"

His solo on "Crawl" is full of emotion and energy. It sings, it cries, it releases all of the emotion built up in the lyrics. Jimmy feeds off of Robert, and following this masterpeice solo, Robert feeds off of Jimmy.

       "I don't hafta go by plane,
        I ain't gotta go by car...
        I don't care just where my darling is,
        people I just don't care how far...

        I'm gonna crawl...

        I don't care if I got to go back home
        I don't care what I gotta say again baby...

        She give me good loving....
        My baby give me good loving...
        Oooh, yes I love her, I guess I love her, yes I love her,

        I'm gonna crawl...

And with that, a most emotional tale of love, the Led-Zeppelin reign would come to a close. The final track on the final released album while all four members were alive. Somehow, almost fitting that it ended with a blues song. Zeppelin made a career out of approaching songs with a different angle. Always putting their own twist on things, and this song is no different. Yet no matter how they approached any song, theirs always seemed to be so much better than anyone else could dare dream of coming close to.

Sadly, Zep never performed this song live. Who knows, if the 1980 U.S. tour had indeed happened they may well have performed it, but that's just speculation. A live rendition could have been very special, Bonzo would have been all over this one, and Jimmy's solo's would have evolved nightly, and of course Robert would have found the perfect vehicle to get lost in the blues and go off vocally. While "Since I've Been Loving You" had always been the live blues showcase of choice, it would have been intriguing to see them attempt something different. Robert and Jimmy got into some of that on their "No Quarter" tour, unleashing the first live showings of "Tea For One", but as of today, it's all up to our imagination as to how "I'm Gonna Crawl" would have sounded in concert.

So crank it up, close your eyes, and imagine...

Till the next time,

Rock on,


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