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Subj: Song of the day XXXVII
Date: 97-03-07 07:29:39 EST
From: OUTRIDERJL@AOL.COM (Jeff Lybarger)

So here we are once again. A very good day to you all. This will conclude our look at the Led Snake album, for now that is. This will be the fourth song of the day from this album, leaving another seven still to be uncovered at some other point in time. A damn fine album, and today's song is another of those *only Jimmy* songs. So, without further adeau, it's on to track seven, clocking in at 5:51, "Easy Does It".

Jimmy starts things off with a most beautiful acoustic guitar workout. Tons of overdubs, all blending in perfectly. David joins in the fun as well, helping out with some acoustic playing of his own. The first section you hear is played using octaves, simple really, but the beauty in those chords is quite effecting. When the song shifts to the verse, he changes things up with the chords. What he plays at this point is so subtle, adding some minor pull-offs, creating a wonderful texture of music for David to articulate over.

      "You said you needed love
       To warm you in the night...
       So you gave yourself to strangers
       Who left you crying at first light..."

As soon as David sings that last line Jimmy strums a chord that rings out across the mix, an electric guitar in the midst of all the acoustics, and that chord is such a genius touch. He places this one chord, strummed from the bottom of the strings upward, in at several different times, and each time the effect is quite stunning. Just adding subtle touches like this are what makes this song one to really appreciate.

       "You think the world you live in
        Doesn't notice you...
        But don't you worry baby
        I'll be there to comfort you..."

David has some really good lines in this song. Talking to someone, a friend, or maybe more, and telling her that though life has you down right now, it's ok, I'm here to help you through it. We've all been down this road, probably on BOTH sides of this road, the comfortor, as well as the one being comforted. This is something that's really special in our lives though, that when you are down, you have someone who you can turn to. Hopefully everybody has at least one such person.

       "Take it easy... easy...

        Easy does it baby, nice and slow,
        I'll take you anywhere
        the four winds blow..."

Here we get the first hint that David is singing to someone that has his heart. I think the next line is really beautiful, not only the words, but what's behind them.

       "So weep no more my lady,
        Don't you cry...
        I can't paint your portrait
        When theirs tears in your eye...
        But I can give you love,
        Every night and day...
        And we will walk together
        The sun and moon will light our way..."

A simple message, but one that can grip you by the heart. A person offers their love and friendship up, and the promise of always being there. And then, ha ha, Jimmy throws in a major change. Just as we are being swept away with this most touching tale of love, the sweet mystical music taking us to another time and place, Jimmy drops the bomb. Drums blast in, and electric guitar riffs spew out, David comes across now very assertive, the change in music emphasing his point. It's like he's reached a stage where he wants to get his point across, so he tries a different approach.

       "Tell you something,
        You'll understand...
        Grab a hold now baby,
        And I'll lead you to the promised land...

        Gonna keep you smiling,
        And satisfied...
        Nothing but blue skies,
        On a magic carpet ride..."

The music is cooking now, but with the same melodic structure as in the beginning. The riffs Jimmy plays in this song are a great example of using several killer riffs in just one song. This one has several changes in style and direction, yet never sacrificing the mood created in the first notes. A beautiful blend of acoustic and electric guitars. David's vocals are soothing, sincere, at times a bit adamant, always comforting and intense.

        "No more worry,
         No more pain...
         The sun is always shining,
         And it never, ever rains..."

When this album first was released this was one of the songs that grabbed me by the throat and had a huge impact on me. Today, some four years later, that *hold* is still there. It's Jimmy delivering another masterpiece, and David right there with him. The music is exotic, casting a spell on the listener. It beckons you onward, yes, that's it, take it easy, we're almost there. When the next song kicks in you are awaken out of your trance like state, and hit the *back* button on the CD player. You can actually feel something special happening here. Zeppelin hit this spot with several songs, and Jimmy proves again he can still "take us there".

Coverdale/Page did not perform this song on their tour. Probably just too many guitar parts to cover. I think if they could have done a proper job on this live it would have been something pretty special.

So that's it folks. Next week we're back to Zeppelin. Hope you've enjoyed this look at the Coverdale/Page project. I would suggest if you don't have this album to get it. For one, Jimmy is awesome throughout, and secondly, Mr. Coverdale delivers a high quality, top-notch performance.

Till next week...

Rock on,


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