Jeff Lybarger's Song OF The Day

Subj: Song of the day XXXI...(no,really)
Date: 97-02-19 10:11:31 EST
From: OUTRIDERJL@AOL.COM (Jeff Lybarger)

YOU SHOOK ME... ALLLLLLLALLLLLLLALLLLLLLLLLLALLLLLLLLLALLLLLLLLALLLLLLLLLLLALLLLLLLLALLLLLLLL NIGHT..LAHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNG. Well, no denying what today's song is, huh? So let's jump right into it. From the very first Led Zeppelin album, track three, clocking in at 6:30, the Willie Dixon classic, "You Shook Me".

A major tour-de-force to be quite sure. Steeped in the blues, every member of the group absolutely shines on this one. Jimmy starts things off with an acapella guitar intro, then Bonzo and Jonsey enter into the fray. Zep pounding out the blues for all it's worth, grooving on that steady beat. This ain't your mommy and daddy's blues, this is HEAVY blues baby.

       "You know you shook me
         you shook me all night long..."

Yes, tell it Robert. All of what, 20 years old when he sang this. Bleeding amazing vocals. Willie Dixon must have freaked when he heard what these Brits had done to his song. Oh well, he got paid for it.

       "You shook me so...
         hard baby...
         baby baby please come home..."

Who doesn't just love this stuff? It's so simple, yet so effective. After the "bird that whistles, bird that sings" line Jonsey treats us to a wonderful organ jam. Bluesy and pouring with emotion, then Robert blasts in on the harmonica. With his own vocals beckoning in the background, Percy shows he can jam on that little wind instrument.

As Robert bows out, Jimmy steps in and rips some killer licks out of his Telecaster. Not the cliche` licks one tends to hear, but his own. Jimmy's personal blues licks. Then there is that one note, at 4:16, man, the way that note just hovers there, it chills me everytime.

Bonham shows his blues chops in fine form, getting in some cool fills of his own, but mostly keeping a steady foot, supplying the BEAT. Notice how during the solo's of Jonsey and Robert he never overplays, then when Jimmy steps in he explodes and goes off. As if Jimmy was truly inspiring him at that precise moment. Magic caught on tape.

Finally we get to that famous call and response section. Robert: Ah Ah. Jimmy doubles it on the guitar. Back and forth, back and forth, Jimmy changing it up, then another beautifully suspended note, then Robert's orgasmic cry... Oh God, here we go again. Zeppelin were the masters at PERFORMING sex in a song. Not just singing about it, but making the listener feel as if they had just experienced a great encounter.

Live, this was always a standout song. Performed on all the 1968/69 tours save from the last 1969 trek. Played during 1971/72 as a medley with "Whole Lotta Love". The boots from the early tours that I have all include killer versions of "...Shook...", they never failed to bring down the house with this, especially the call and response part, Robert teasing the crowd, extending things. This has to be included on any live Zep compilation. In 1975, at Earl's Court, and in the 1977 shows that featured "In My Time Of Dying" it was also featured as a slight reprise at the end of "Dying".

An absolutely awesome track from Zeppelin. Blues. Heavy. Great musicianship. Sex. It's all there. Check this one out immediately, it never fails to thrill.

Till we meet again...

Rock on,


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