Jeff Lybarger's Song OF The Day

Subj: Song of the day III
Date: 96-11-27 21:50:44 EST
From: OUTRIDERJL@AOL.COM (Jeff Lybarger)

Good Evening fellow DGers, here we go with another installment. The first two selections were from albums that came out near or at the end of Zeppelin, and tonight we're going to go back to the beginning. The very beginning. Led Zeppelin, track one, clocking in at 2:43, "Good Times Bad Times".

A jolting intro that is instantly recognisable, then Jimmy lets loose with one of those riffs only he could come up with. A very listener-friendly chorus that anyone can sing along with, and amazing musicianship throughout. All this on the very first cut of the very first album. Those who called the band "hype" obviously weren't listening.

John Bonham's playing on this song has been praised by great drummers everywhere, and what a treat it is. Check out the bridge and chorus sections, he's playing a rhythm totally different than Pagey or Jones, and yet the thing WORKS. His quick fills and little stutters really stand out and seperate him from any other drummer around.

John Paul is equally impressive, playing with AND against Jimmy. Too bad the bass is the instrument that gets so buried in music, close listening shows the talent in this band was spread throughout.

And then there's Jimmy. The riff master strutting his stuff and playing some amazing lead work, just listen to the licks he spews forth at the end of the song, following Robert's vocals. When he bends a note you can feel the intensity burning through his fingers.

For all that actually goes on in this short(by Zep standards) song, it amazes me this was written and recorded so early in their career. Most bands take four or five albums to get to this point, Zeppelin were there from day one. Hype? Hardly. Magic? Indeed.!

This was just the starting point, but in this one song they layed the groundwork for all that was to come. A truly inspiring moment in the Zeppelin catalog. Till tomorrow.... Rock On,


"I know what it means to be alone...."

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