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Subj: Song of the day XX
Date: 96-12-20 07:13:01 EST

Well, I come to you this morning in a humbled state. Have you ever done something wrong, in front of, oh, say about 800 people and then had to admit to it? Well I did. Funny thing is nobody even questioned me on this. Yet! So I'll be the one to address this. Oh boy. Regarding the "Immigrant Song" lyrics I posted, ahhh, somebody took over my computer that morning, it wasn't my fault, a hurricane, a tornado, a flood... ahh anything... Oh hell, let's be big about this. I SCREWED UP. There, I said it. Have no idea what I was thinking, but caught my own mistake, if you could see the redness on my face. Or since it's so early in the am, the egg! Embarrassment prevents me from repeating them again, but suffice to say it was major. This does not, however change my opinion, as humble as it may be right now, about "In The Evening". Whew! Ok, so, till tomorrow... Oh wait, the 20th song of the day, almost forgot.

Today's visit takes us into the wonderful world of... naked little children climbing up a rocky incline. Yes, "Houses Of The Holy", track one, clocking in at 5:24, "The Song Remains The Same".

One of Jimmy's epic masterpieces. The "Song..." begin life as a Page instrumental titled "The Overture". Tons of guitar (the army caught in full stride), driving drums and great bass playing. As an instrumental this would have still been an incredible performance. After Robert came up with some vocals the working title changed to "The Campaign". And the end result, as we all know, is, in a word, STUNNING!

Jimmy brings this gem to life with a furious and fast flurry of single notes (open D string) and when he hits that first chord (D) Bonzo bangs in and the whole thing becomes like a wild roller coaster ride. Jimmy's rythym and lead work are so incredible and inspiring that by the time Robert comes in with the first verse it's like, oh yeah, there's still a whole song to be played.

Things slow down to a very majestic pace and Robert sings the line: "I had a dream...". And we are captured. Another of those songs that takes us to a place few get to visit. As Robert sings, the music stays slower, but very intense. Everytime they lock on the DUHN DUHN part it fills the listener with great anticipation. A very vital part in Zeppelin's music, they were always finding ways to capture our attention.

Jimmy picks things up again, and blazes new trails, leaving all other guitarists in his wake. The creative genius that is Jimmy Page. Soaring notes, almost sounding like the whole thing could fall apart at any moment, but of course it never does. Everything perfectly in it's place, not one note too much, or too little.

Zeppelin premiered this in October 1972 in Japan. Performed at a every show up to the Earls Court in 1975, they always went straight into "Rain Song". Once the 1977 tour began, and through ' 79 ( Copenhagen and Knebworth) this was the show opener. And who could ask for a better song to open a show? Personally my favourite version comes from the "Listen to this Eddie" show, 6-21-77. Page is on FIRE and Bonham sounds like TWO drummers. Amazing version. Very fast and very tight.

Jimmy and Robert played this on their "No Quarter" tour, and they must like it as well, they performed this on 109 shows out of the 115 they played. When I saw them it was the stand out track of the show. Even with Porl. My theory on Jimmy NOT playing the solos is because the rythym in this song is so cool, and just a little complex. I think Jimmy might be more proud of this part and that's why he allowed Porl to solo. Seeing them perform this song live was quite a thrill.

Funny thing is I don't really care for the studio version. I don't like the way Robert sounds and the POWER of the live shows is lacking. If you have a boot of this song you know what I mean.

So, there you go, # 20. And, keeping my word, these are all so nice and short. HA! Can't help it. Did anyone notice the lack of lyrical input this time? And these are printed in the bloody album. Truthfully, this is Jimmy's baby, so I tried to focus on him more. Have a wonderful weekend, I can't wait for you all to grill me...

Till Monday...

Rock on...
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