Jeff Lybarger's Song OF The Day

Subj: Song of the day II
Date: 96-11-26 20:02:27 EST

Good evening! I mean GOOD EVENING!! Many thanks for the kind comments on yesterday's song. Talk about ramblin' on. Sheesh!! So let's dive in for round two. Taken from the "Coda" album, track four, clocking in at 4:31, "Walter's Walk".

My God the way this song starts out. One of Jimmy's most frantic/energetic riffs of all time and Bonzo blasts in BOOM-BOOM-BOOM and off we go. Does"blow the roof off" aplly here or what? When Robert joins in with "Oooohhh, don't it feel so strange looking at the dark, ahhhhh, trying hard to change but you can't let go." Wow, classic Zeppelin and only about 11 people have ever heard it.(Outside of DG that is).

Recorded in 1972 and left off "Houses...", how this didn't end up on "Presence" is beyond me. Even though the album says it was recorded in ' 72, I found out in ' 88 that certain tracks were overdubbed in late ' 81/ early ' 82, and the vocals here most definately were. Robert sounds nothing like himself circa ' 72, but does sound pretty close to the "Pictures at Eleven" era. When Jimmy said the well was dry, he wasn't kidding.

I also believe this is Robert singing to Bonham. I don't want to take up a lot of time and space printing lyrics, and there are those who find out the hidden meanings in these things much better than me, but when he says (3rd line)" Ohhh, crying tears of pain and more an more, Ohhh, everyday's the same when you're walking the floor". The cries of "Ya know it's hard, ya know it's hard." And at the end when he asks "does it matter now?" And answers himself with a painful "Ohhh Yeeessssss". Chilling stuff. I could be wrong here, but who knows.

As for the song itself, classic Zeppelin, picture this opening a show! When people speculate about the band if Bonham had lived, my feeling is they would have just gotten better, and this song could have played a role in that. So grab your Coda CD and pop it in to track 4, and prepare to be BLOWN AWAY! Till tomorrow, Rock on...


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