Jeff Lybarger's Song OF The Day

Subj: Song of the day XIX
Date: 96-12-19 08:39:50 EST
From: OUTRIDERJL@AOL.COM (Jeff Lybarger)

Morning all, it is getting too damn cold for me. Those of you in California or Florida, consider yourselves lucky. Anyway, today, I don't know if this is going back or forward, but to the "Coda" album we go. Track one, clocking in at 2:37, "We're Gonna Groove".

One of the songs Zep covered. ( ie: didn't write) But the way they attack this, one would never know. Bonzo plays a quick little start/stop shuffle and off we go. A very frantic sound coming through the speakers, probally a sign of the times, as they were constantly on the go in ' 69/' 70.

Robert is bursting with energy, as the rhythm speeds along. Jonsey is rumbling all over the bottom end and Jimmy's guitar stabs at the riff. Bonzo really stands out on this. An excellent showcase of how he could really carry a song and make it something very special.

Zep played this live for a brief four months in 1970, on their UK, US, and European dates as the show opener. They then dropped it in favour of "Immigrant Song". "Groove" was recorded on January 9, 1970, a certain guitar players birthday!

Though this song rocks and I find it really appealing, it's hard to picture it on any of the "official" albums. "Presence" maybe, but it has a sound all it's own. As some other tracks on "Coda", Jimmy laid down some new overdubs in 1982. This had to be a difficult task. Trying to polish tracks knowing Zeppelin were over. But once again, Jimmy's professionalism is quite evident.

Certainly not groundbreaking by Zep standards, but "We're Gonna Groove" is fun, and a great start to the album. And another fine moment in the John Bonham book of licks. Till tomorrow...

Rock on,


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