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Subj: Song of the day XIV
Date: 96-12-12 07:54:31 EST
From: OUTRIDERJL@AOL.COM (Jeff Lybarger)

I'm going to rig my computer so that when I sign on at this un-Godly hour it rings all your phones and wakes you all up. If I have to suffer.... Sorry, I can be kinda grouchy in the morning. However, I've got some Zep to pick me up and then everything is fine. So, without further ado, lets get down to business. Today's song comes to us from the 1993 release, Led Zeppelin: Boxed Set II, Disc I, track 5, clocking in at 4:29, "Baby Come On Home".

Gospel, soul, slight 1950's touch? In a Zeppelin song? All pretenders step off the bus please, you are not worthy. Folks, does it get any better than being a fan of Led Zeppelin? Who else do you know who could play something this sweet, this beautiful, this emotional, this soulful, this sad, this, this, this personal, this tale of love gone wrong? And still be referred to as "Heavy Metal".

From the very first notes we know we are in for something special. Are Otis Redding and Smokey Robinson in the house? Robert shines so bright on this song you feel like putting on the sunglasses just to listen to him. And he was what, all of 20 when they recorded this in 1968!!! Amazing!

John Paul stands out as usual, his organ work supplying the perfect touch. Creating beautiful harmony lines, going from sweet simple licks to all out blazing during the chorus. His position in Led Zeppelin was spent so much in the background, but his in-put, knowledge and skill were a very vital ingredient to the success they enjoyed in the music.

Pagey plays it pretty low-key, while Bonham shows again his talent at playing with the song. During the verses he keeps things together yet still puts in some very cool, off the beaten path fills, that "space", which is so important. Then on the chorus he just goes crazy, drumming with emotion and grace. As the song builds so does Bonham, adding something new each time.

The lyrics are sad. A love that has died, and Robert just begging for another chance. His emotion in this song is quite touching. You can feel his pain, pardon the expression.

       "There was a time
       I used to call you all my very own
       We were so happy woman
       Talking for hours and hours on the telephone

       And then one day
       I said you upped and walked right out of my life
       Leaving me all by myself
       All alone to cry everynight"

Oh, the beauty in those words, the way he sings them. How in the world Zeppelin never released this. Probally BECAUSE they knew it would be a commercial success.

"Baby Come On Home" was available previously on the "Olympic Gold" bootleg CD, known as "Tribute To Bert Berns", who is also given songwriting credit on the box set. Moments like this are the definition of what Led Zeppelin were, and are all about. A tender, soul baring moment captured on tape. Till tomorrow...

Rock on,


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