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Subj: Song of the day XIII
Date: 96-12-11 07:13:32 EST
From: OUTRIDERJL@AOL.COM (Jeff Lybarger)

Good morning everyone. God it's early. Well I was going through "In Through The Outdoor" and contemplating "Fool In The Rain", "Hot Dog" or "Carouselambra" ( a personal fave), but I just couldn't get past today's choice for "song". Track I, clocking in at 6:48, "In The Evening".

Somehow this seems typical, trying to articulate on a song called "In The Evening" while it's bloody 5:00am. Ever onward...

Jimmy starts out with some eerie bowed guitar while Bonzo sounds like a thunderstorm creeping up behind you. Robert utters the title of this song and then...BASH, "Houston, we have lift off". An incredible Page riff and Bonham just tearing it up with Jonesy holding the bottm end down tight. This is a MONSTER. Remnants from that pissed off "Presence" era?

Jimmy playing his blue Stratocaster and squeezing the life out of it. Zeppelin shows the world HOW to rock. Plant's voice sounds so smoothe, the way he hits certain notes and glides in and out of the riff, showing that he just kept getting better and better. The chorus, " Oh, oh I need your love..." takes a totally new direction and when everything stops, just before they re-enter the main theme, the anticipation keeps our ears glued to the speakers.

Jimmy's solo, wow, what a beautiful solo. Another song with-in a song. That wicked sound you first hear at the start of his solo is Jimmy depressing the whammy bar down very fast and letting it "fall" back into position. Jimmy has said he wanted people to hear that and go "What the hell"?, well, he achieved just that. The solo has bite, great chops, emotion, and then things slow down and Jimmy lays some beautiful blues on us as a topper. Pure freakin creative genius. The "sonic architect" in all his glory.

My favourite lyric in "...Evening" is the line, "Hey, it's lonely at the bottom, nasty at the top, and as you stand in the road, ain't no way you gonna stop". Very prophetic and soooo cool the way he says "nasty". "...Evening" was only played live at the tail end of Zeps career, 79-80. The Copenhagen versions were really good. I personally don't care for the ' 80 versions, it was too fast and Jimmy's guitar was lost as the keyboards dominated. Fortunately Page/Plant revised this on their "No Quarter" tour, and that is my favourite live version. You had this beautiful Egyptian orchestra intro, and when the song kicked in it was played at a slower tempo, much more powerful and Jimmy's guitar really stood out. The slow middle section included a bit of "Carouselambra" and then there's the "It's got ta stop, it's got ta stop..." section. Those of you who saw them and/or have boots from that tour know what I mean.

So, there you have another in the long line of classic Zeppelin. Another testament that even toward their end they could out-rock any band around. Listen, enjoy and till tomorrow....

Rock on,


God it's bloody early! The insanity!!

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