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Subj: Song of the day X
Date: 96-12-06 21:46:13 EST
From: OUTRIDERJL@AOL.COM (Jeff Lybarger)

I see we meet again. We've survived yet another week( 5 fewer days till Zep 97) and the news John Paul may be back in the fold. So, hope your week was good and your weekend is better! Todays song takes us back to the "Houses Of The Holy" album, track three, clocking in at 4:42, "Over The Hills And Far Away".

Jimmy starts off with the most gorgeous acoustic guitar intro for a song ever. Heavenly. As he winds his way through one can only marvel at this man's music abilities. Then, a twelve string acoustic is added, creating beautiful harmony and leads perfectly into Roberts vocal.

      "Hey lady, you got the love I need, maybe, more than enough
       Oh darling darlin' darlin', walk awhile with me,
       Oh, you've got so much, so much, so much...

Simple lyrics, especially for Robert, and yet it says everything. Love in the finest form, simple, and from the heart. As Jimmy builds up the guitars we anticipate something BIG happening, and then KABOOM. Bonzo and Jonesy enter: DUNAH DUNAH and hang on baby 'cause Zep is in the house.

Full blooded, red hot, a** kicking, kick out the jams Rock and Roll. Bonzo cutting loose and Page riffing his tail off. "Many have I loved, and many times been bitten..." Well I could write for hours about this, but no one cares to hear of my personal woes, so I'll sum it up in one word: AMEN!

The song cooks along adding new changes here and there and always returing to and emphasising the DUNAH DUNAH. YES!YES! YES! Sorry, a Beavis flashback. We get to Jimmy's solo, and what an adventure this is. This is a song with-in a song. A true masterpiece from the hands of James Patrick.

A few more verses and then back to just Jimmy, that sweet guitar, fading in and out, closing another Zeppelin milestone. Pure excitement, pure bliss, pure emotion, pure ZEPPELIN.

First introduced on the ' 72 U.S. tour, and in the set up to ' 79. Actually played live well before the album came out. In ' 77 they alternated between this and "In My Time...". Jimmy used this as a great showpiece on his ' 88 solo tour, as it was nightly the first of the Zeppelin back catalog he chose to play. The seed from this song .comes from "White Summer". After the opening in that song, when Jimmy gets to the main theme, the first few notes are the same as "Over The Hills...". He also played snippets of this on the ' 93 Japan tour with David Coverdale during his solo (White Summer).

A quick analogy of this song and the creativity of Zep, in particular Jimmy. Think of making love. Not just sex, but MAKING LOVE. Then look at this song. We have this beautiful quiet solo intro, then two guitars, then vocals, then the guitars build up and BUILD UP, and THEN, TOTAL ROCK OUT!! Everything working together quite nicely and yet slightly on that chaotic side. After several minutes, we are... back... to... just... that... (ahhh).... solo.... gui... tar... AHHH.

A simple theme that Zep repeated a lot, start out soft, build up, explode, then bring it back down. Could be "Down By The Seaside" or "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" or "I Cried" from Roberts "Manic Nirvana" or "Take Me For A Little While" from Coverdale/Page. It wasn't that we didn't expect this, but the many ways in which they could achieve this and always say something new. Incredible!

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm covered in sweat and physically exausted after that. Where are those blasted cigarettes? Till tomorrow, RRR AHHH AHHH AHHH CK AHHH AHHH AHHH AHHH AHHN.



P.S. and you guys want me to do this 7 days a week. SHEESH!

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