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Digital Graffiti is run and maintained by by Zerxes Bhagalia and was created by Matt Hill at Cornell University in November of 1992 for Led Zeppelin fans to communicate to each other via email. Subscription has since swelled to over 800 fans worldwide, including authors and editors of several Led Zeppelin publications. Digital Graffiti is the premier grapevine of discussion and news that no Led Zeppelin fan should be without. If you are a big Led Zeppelin fan and have an email account, then you need to get connected!

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The Digital Graffiti FAQs

Below are links to 4 pieces of the Digital Graffiti Frequently Asked Questions List (FAQL). This incredibly long and wordy document was authored by Thor Iverson , with help from the members of Digital Graffi ti and a _lot_ of help from Dave Lewis. The first three links comprise the last updated version of the entire FAQL. Unfortunately this has not been updated fully since 7-20-94. As we all know, quite a bit of history has happened since then, not the least being the reunion of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Thor assures me that he is working on a new version that will be quite complete & highly hyper-texted, and will also reside on it's own website. The fourth link below is a fairly well updated discography portion of the FAQL. It was last updated on 8-6-95, so it contains the Page/Plant information. The discography covers audio & video of Led Zeppelin and it's members solo efforts.

DG FAQL Part 1
DG FAQL Part 2
DG FAQL Part 3

DG FAQL - Discography only

Thomas Noel has a Digital Graffiti Archive that maintains the last 100 or so posts to DG, constantly updated. This is a great place to check out DG, to see what it is like. It's also a great place to go if your server has been down, or if you accidentl y delete a DG mail message that you had meant to save! This site is from France and is sometimes very slow.
Thomas Noel's DG Archive

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