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Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2003 16:11:21 -0400
From: Cindy
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Subject: Celebration Day!

Well, finally I have some time to sit down and reflect on my fun from last week. Or maybe just to recover from the experience. Nech, Kat and Jeremy have done such a fabulous job telling what they saw and what they felt that there almost isn’t much left to say (plus I don’t have their writing abilities!)… but here it is from me too!

My husband, Dave and I arrived in NY Saturday evening. Now, Dave isn’t much of a Zeppelin fan. He likes them, knows the music (he claims something about being forced to listen) and all that, but certainly isn’t fanatical about it. He likes classic rock, but prefers his country music. But I did notice that he didn’t hesitate to come with me – and I know he dislikes big cities – so it must be for the Zeppelin, right? Oh, I did secure him some tickets to Fox News. He IS fanatical about that. I had planned on wearing some sort of Zeppelin shirt to the taping, just to see the look of horror on Dave's face but the Network of Conservatives actually has a dress code. No jeans, t-shirts, logos -- that sort of thing. My friend Debbie said something like "Led Zeppelin isn't a logo, it's a way of life" (or something to that effect) and I agree. But I'm not so sure the folks at Fox would. I did bring a nice Zep pin to wear on my shirt collar though!

Monday is really when the Zeppelin starts, although the 27th is officially Z-Day. Until then... I shopped! And then shopped some more! Monday afternoon we met up with a couple of friends, Dan and Andy, that Kat and I met in Toronto. Kat herself arrived about 9:30 that evening. We showed each other our dresses and accessories for the next night and giggled like a couple of teenagers. Uh... one of us was probably acting more her age and the other one... well... let's just say isn't a teenager anymore. We then sat around in the hotel room until about 11:30 when we decided to head down the street (we were just a couple of blocks from the center of Times Square) to the Virgin Megastore to purchase the heralded CD and DVD. We were practically drooling at the thought of having them in our hands for real! Kat and I made a vow that we wouldn’t watch the DVD on her laptop but we would indulge in those CD’s! We vowed to be strong -- not to cave into our desires and watch !
it anyway. We dressed appropriately (Zep t-shirts, jackets, shirts, etc.) and headed out. Dave refrained from this activity and dressed “normally”. We stopped only to take a few pictures of the HUGE Led Zeppelin billboard that had just recently been in stalled in Times Square.

We arrived about 11:50 PM and waited patiently – well, maybe not so patiently – for them to bring them out. Kat and I walked up to the counter to ask where they would be when we saw the cart. The cart FULL of CD’s. Primal instincts took over and we did what any self-respecting Zep fan would do. We practically jumped over the counter and snatched a couple right off the cart! We were a bit disappointed that there wasn’t any DVD’s to be seen. We got in line to pay and we spotted a second cart a short distance away loaded with our other Holy Grail. Kat ran for the DVD’s while I held our place in the check out line. She returned, triumphant look on her face, and we happily paid for our Zeppelin. Being the true fans that we are, we were first and second in line!

We went outside and tore open the packages. Although we are only here for the music, we wanted to see what’s inside. Dave made some comment to me about it being like reading Playboy for the articles or something silly like that. He really needs to work on that worship just a little bit more. We posed for some pictures, proudly holding our goods. Now, a brief note to those who are complaining about the packaging… Go to Japan, pay your $300 for the artwork and shut up. We are lucky that it didn’t come in a plain, led-lined box that wouldn’t melt from the heat!

While walking back to the hotel, my cell phone rang and it was none other than Jeremy Mixer! He was supposed to be meeting us that night and he had finally arrived. It was great to finally meet someone I had been friends with online for about two years! We waited outside the hotel for him and I think he spotted us because of our attire, but I’m not quite sure about that. Kat, Jeremy and I all gave each other big hugs. We were all definitely glad to be where we were at the moment!

Our little group went in search of food, but all we found was crap. I did take the opportunity to buy a few more bottles of Heineken and a package of Tangerine jelly beans though! We went back to the room and all six of us crowded around one little table and ate. Kat loaded up the CD’s.


Incredible sounds quickly reverberated through the room. The moaning soon began. From all of us. Well, maybe not Dave. Not this night anyway. We sat for the next few hours, in total worship, the music coursing through our bodies, talking nothing but Led Zeppelin. Dave and Andy left after a while and the three of us continued on with the music. About 3 AM or so, Dave tried to go to sleep, but to no avail. Every once in a while we would hear some sort of snore coming from the other side of the room, but there was no real sleep while we were doing our Zeppelin. It wasn’t until about 5 AM that we all decided to TRY and get some sleep.

I know I had a hard time falling asleep. I think all we thought about was the premier later that night. Finally after about an hour I did fall asleep.

Sweet Tangerine Dreams…

More about the premier in a day or so. Sorry – but I must try and focus on real life for a bit!! The next part is infinitely more exciting than this one!

Still Dazed and Confused,