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RE: California Breed

Nech wrote: "These guys go thru bands like I go thru Fosters!   Jeez."

True but that is the nature of the business these days.  There is a lot of
opportunity to meet talented folks who you might consider giving it a go.  I
had heard that Hughes and Jason had hoped Bonamassa would come back around
but Joe has plenty of other options and Hughes had worn out his welcome so
it wasn't going to happen with that combination of BCC.  When my band first
starting touring in '79 it was still rather unique to be in a band.  Today
every kid has a guitar or drum kit in the bedroom and as such, there are a
lot of talented players available.  Established bands today will take a
hiatus and put together a project with other players they've met and it's
probably satisfying and a lot of fun to play with a diverse selection of
musicians that might help keep your established project fresh.  California
Breed should be interesting with players from 3 different generations
hopefully creating something unique and inspiring.  They seem to be excited
about it and I can't wait to hear what they've got.