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Rock Star fantasy show...

For the second year in a row since its inception by my cousin, the kids from 
the North Salem, NY  local high school put together bands, were coached by cuz 
& professional volunteers and did a 'battle of the bands'  Rock Star Fantasy 
Show that featured this spectacular grande finale including all the 
participating students.

Truly inspiring and kudos to my cuz for doing such a fine job directing these 
kids. You can see his hands behind the curtain and his face pops up at one 
point. Lol...  but I wonder what ever gave him the idea to teach them all this 
tune?!?!?  Think Heart made the boys proud? I think this would've made them all 
have tears running down their faces..

Bravo Cuz!  Nice to know that there are folks out there pointing the youth of 
the world in the right direction!