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Re: Box Set of Remasters

> On Jan 28, 2014, at 3:40 AM, "zeppelin-digest" 
> <admins-zeppelin-digest@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> the tapes used were Jimmy's original mixdown 
> tapes, which have never been used for mastering before

Ok, so that's version is done, what else is there to remaster? Besides, 
original mastering on some of the catalogue is already phenomenal, listen to 
LZIII on vinyl with a good pr of headphones. That album in particular nearly 
sounds like a live studio mix. And I must have gotten lucky having a "hot 
stamper" with my BL mastering copy of HOTH, holy crap that was good. Why redo 
what they nailed?

If anything should get a new release it should be some LIVE stuff made 
official. Do a matrix with Jimmy's board tapes and the best in-the-seat boot 
for that show for atmos. That press date is my birthday and hearing THAT kinda 
news would be a real gift.