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One All-Inclusive Box Set of Remasters?

James Cook of LZNews:
Led Zeppelin News
"John Davis claims that there will be one large box set with all of
the remastered Led Zeppelin albums" and links to:

Brian Plumridge writes:
"The O2 did indeed see the masters return....and the man given the
task of mastering the sound for the album that followed was John
Davis. In fact John had the job of remastering all of Led Zeppelin's
back catalogue. As you can imagine, Mr Davis is rather delighted at
having added his touch to a little bit of rock history, and I had the
opportunity to interview him about the album.

Chatting about his favourite song on Celebration Day, working with
Jimmy Page, the new special edition albums due for release, and the
legacy of Led Zeppelin. It's no more than five minutes long, and it's
right here for you to listen to -"

[Interview with John Davis, who remastered all of the albums, is
embedded on the page.]