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NZC Heads up for Beatles fans

Just thought I'd post a heads up for any Beatles fans on the list who 
are thinking of picking up the US Albums box set that's being released 
next Tuesday. Initial reports I've read online from folks in Australia 
and New Zealand where the box has already been released seem to indicate 
it's mostly a repackaging of the 2009 remasters with only a handful of 
unique mixes added here and there. So if you already have the 2009 
remasters, you'll be rebuying almost all the same remasters you already 
own, just in new packages made to look like the US albums.

Here's one guy's unofficial list of tracks that are different mixes from 
the 2009 remasters:

    You Can't Do That (possibly different)
    Long Tall Sally
    I Call Your Name
    I'll Cry Instead
    Any Time At All
    When I Get Home
    And I Love Her
    I'll Be Back(possibly different)
    She's A Woman
    I Feel Fine

    The Word
    I'm Looking Through You
    I'm Only Sleeping
    Doctor Robert
    And Your Bird Can Sing
    We Can Work It Out
    Day Tripper

Not also that the differences between these mixes and the UK ones are in 
many cases quite subtle. Nothing on this new box was sourced from the US 
master tapes that were treated with reverb, and otherwise "sweetened" 
for the US market by Capitol Records personnel.
For those, you need to pick up the Capitol Albums Vol. 1 and 2 boxes 
from 2004/2006 (which are going out of print).

Anyway, just thought I'd pass this on before you potentially spend $160 
and end up disappointed. On the other hand, if the box contains all the 
Beatles songs you want, it's a cheaper way to get all the mono and 
stereo tracks combined than the 2009 boxes, which are about $200 each.