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Re: New Posters from the Bannister Family

oops - don't know what the heck happened to that paste that I made there, for the internet URL. Anyhow, ignore the second part that starts with "mailbox"

On 1/10/2014 6:07 PM, Buckeye wrote:
As many of you know, Henry Bannister was the organizer and promoter of
the Bath Festival.  Here is a message from his daughter, Henrietta, who
has been selling 2nd Edition reprints of some amazing posters:

"We have recently discovered two posters which we thought were lost.
Firstly, the poster from the 1968 Pavilion, Bath when Led Zeppelin
replaced Jeff Beck because of illness(in fact my father was quite
annoyed because in 1968 Jeff Beck was a much bigger attraction than Led
Zeppelin) and the other poster is the very rare poster of the girl's
head from the 1969 Bath festival. The original is for sale on a
site £1,550.

We have put together a 4 poster set which we are selling at a special
offer of £30, instead of £47.80 which would be the price if bought
individually.  The posters can be viewed and purchased by going to

(if you can't click on that link, copy it, and paste it into your
browser's address bar)

30 pounds is about $50 US.  A nice price for 4 really cool posters!

Have a great weekend all!  Hope everyone is warming up in the NE USA!