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Today at work. True story!

So here I am sitting in the Chef's office and in walks the general manager
of my hotel. He asks if he can interrupt me for a moment and of course I say
yes. Then he looks at me with a very serious look on his face and asks,
"Will there be cake served with the employee meal today"? I hesitated and
asked him to repeat himself. He said again "Will there be cake served with
the employee meal today"? I still did not have an answer for him and I
stumbled a bit because I did not know what the dessert for the employee meal
was. I said to him I did not know. Our line level people create and serve
the employee meal and I rarely involve myself as I have so much other stuff
to deal with. Then he said " I think there should be cake in the employee
lounge today." I told him I was not sure I could make that happen at this
point as the meal had already been planned. He then looked at me with a very
serious look and said, "There should be cake, it's Jimmy Page's birthday." I
then leaned back in my chair and smiled wide and shook his hand saying "You
are correct. I'll see what I can do." We weren't able to produce a cake in
such short notice but we had some cupcakes in the cooler which we sent down.
He and I then talked music for about 20 minutes. It was a cool morning.