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New Year's wish...

That JPJ would do gigs with all of the great Zep tribute bands out there, and 
then stop by my house for some ribs and wings and things. I think I may have 
some boo boo that he'd dig ....from my Bandura to my strumstick. Sheesh 
people.... Somehow Dave here  just don't strike me 'there' But I could imagine 
him sounding just freaking awesome with the like of GTLO,  ZUsA,  Led Zepagain 
etc... of course GTLO may have to stray from their exact like the album 
versions, but man...could you just imagine. 

JPJ....give me a call. I can make it happen.  Well, at least the good eats and 
entertainment at my house. And maybe GTLO... : )  

In the meantime.....


Oh, that reminds me, anyone know of a luthier that wouldn't mind working on a 
cheap epiphone mandolin? Sounds like a crossbrace went kaput on me inside. In 
my mandolin as well.