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Re: Bonzo's Lambo?

Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2013 17:24:15 -0500 (EST)
From: Frank Smith <fsmith9095@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Bonzo's  Lambo?

I skimmed through an older copy of Traps magazine that features John Henry 


In the article,the author mentions Bonzo owning a Lamborghini-twice,actually. 
Once he mentions that Jimmy has called John's home and is told that he's not 
yet returned from the tour to Jimmy's surprise. But just at that moment,the 
rumble of John approaching in his new Lamborghnin can be heard in the distance.

This is the first I've heard anything about John owning a Lambo. I wonder what 
it looked like..what year and model..

Anybody mofos have any info on Bonzo's auto?


Sorry I'm late to the party on this one Frank.  I can't add anything to this 
but I can say I've always kept my eye's pealed for info.  I'm a big Lambo fan 
myself and have always wondered.  With all the Zep freaks out there collecting 
every detail about everything one would think someone has a complete list of 
all the cars John owned.

Of course the obvious guess for a normal person would be a Countach, but if I 
were betting I'd say it was a Muira of some sort.  70's Countach's were quite 
rare, and not really available say, at a dealership.  It most ley would had to 
have been ordered special.  And it would have had to have been at least after 
the 75 tour, if not the 77 tour for it to be a Countach.  Muiras on the other 
hand were available in the later 60's into the early 70's.  One might think 
that it would also be more of a "I wanted one of those when I was just a kid" 
sort of thing.  Pure speculation on my part though.  I'd love to actually know.

By the way, for those of you who might have missed my Lambo story from last 
summer, here it is again.  Sorry, but it just makes me all excited thinking 
about it again.

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From: Kurt Rompf 
Sent: Monday, June 24, 2013 11:17 AM
To: FBO (zeppelin@xxxxxxxx)
Subject: NZC - Just A Car Story JHB Might Like

So I know this doesn't contain any LZ content, but I just had to share my 
Saturday experience with somebody.  I figured John Henry Bonzo Bonham would 
appreciate it anyway.

I'm a Lamborghini guy, have been since I was a kid. It's in my blood. Problem 
is I don't make the kind of scratch required to own such a beast, so it's pure 
fantasy for me. I have many stories in my life regarding encounters etc, but 
I'll leave those for another time. This story from 2 days ago is probably the 

We were at our local mall. After shopping we got in our car, pulled out, and 
about 4 rows in front of us was a black Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 Spyder. I 
was like, WOW, AWESOME. So I pulled around, got out and went over to start 
taking some pictures. 

I was squatting down to take a close up of the LP560 badge on the side, when 
the car chirped. It scared the crap out of me. Then from the distance was a 
call out, "I got you!" The owner and a young woman (daughter?) were walking up 
laughing and I started explaining that I was only taking pictures. He was like, 
"Cool, no problem, take all the pictures you want." We chatted quickly, then I 
told him I was a true Lamborghini guy, not just a car lover. I said, "Wait!  I 
know you probably don't believe me, but I'll show you!"  I ran over to my 
Murano, got in the arm rest compartment, and pulled out a small picture album I 
made about 10 years prior for just such an occasion. I ran back to the guy and 
said, "See, here is my garage." I showed him a few pictures from my Lamborghini 
garage and he was like, "Wow, you do like Lamborghini's. You wanna go for a 
ride? Hop in!"  I was like, "are you kidding me???"  He's like, "naw, jump in!" 

In my total excitement I got stupid drunk. Instead of getting in I ran back to 
the Murano and threw the picture album into my wife's lap and said, "SEE YA!" 
She was like WTF? I ran back to the Gallardo and squeezed myself in the 
passenger seat. We backed out and then he jammed it. Wow, just wow. We took a 
run on the circle road that goes around the mall. He nailed it to the floor 
every chance he could. It was fabulous. The whole time I was drunk with words. 
I probably sounded like I had issues, but I couldn't help it, I was giddy like 
Mr. Scrooge on Christmas morning. 

So then he drives into an open section of parking lot and stops the car. We 
chat some more, then he starts to get out. I was like WTF? Then he says, "come 
on, switch seats, your turn to drive." I was like, "Neeeeeeooooooooooo!!!!" He 
said, "YA, you need to drive it." I was like, "Neeeeeoooooooooo!!!!" By this 
time he was already around to my side, SO, I got out, ran around and squeezed 
myself into the driver seat. I was afraid I was going to sh*t myself. I said, 
"I'm too nervous to drive it with the paddles, can you just put it in fully 
automatic." He was like, "your Z has paddles right, so it should be about the 
same." I said," I know but I'm just too nervous right now." So he starts 
pushing the button and it goes into automatic and off we go. I said something 
like "I'll take 'er easy," and he says "no no, this car isn't for babying, get 
on it." So I did. SWEET MAMA!!! Words can not describe how I felt during the 
next 2 minutes or so. It was just totally unbelievable. 

We get back to where we started and I pull up and wave to my wife who is 
standing outside now. She gets this big WFT look on her face. She was in 
disbelief. I spin back around and pull it up and he says, "this is good, just 
park it here." So I do and we get out and I thank him profusely. I say, "Hey I 
didn't even ask you your name." He says "I'm XXXXXXXXX," and I say "I'm Kurt. 
Thank you!!" He said something like, "No problem, I'm glad I could make your 
day." I said, "You made my day, my month, my year!"

And then he drove off at a blistering rev. The end to what was one of the best 
6 or 7 minutes of my life. 

The rest of the night I was on natural cocaine. I haven't been that high in as 
long as I can remember (Probably Page / Plant Knoxville 1995). It was truly 
unbelievable. A complete stranger let me drive his $200,000+ car. Wow, I still 
just can't believe it. It took 30 years of loving this car to finally get to 
drive one. It's an experience I'll never forget.

Thanks for letting me tell my story.

Cheers ---- Kurt