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Final Option ?

It's a shame to think that there are sets of The Final Option that have been 
broken up or being for that matter
in order to sell off individual LP's.

Is there a Final Option owner in the house that can confirm if this vinyl piece 
indeed a part of the full set?


>From my personal collection this very rare PICTURE DISC LP is near mint having 
>been played a few times to confirm its contents.Artwork is from the Led 
>Zeppelin III picture wheel.Feel free to contact me with any and all 
>questions.I am already overwhelmed with requests to end this one early.I just 
>listed it,lets give it a day or two....Thanks.

VERY LIMITED/Very RARE.***PICTURE DISC***Contains audio from the 1971 Milan 
concert that ended in a riot.Purchased in the mid 80's.
72169 CD L-27465-X

Side 1: How Many More Times medley incl. Woody Woodpecker Song, For What It's 
Worth, The Hunter, The Lemon Song, You Make Me Feel So Young/Communication 
Breakdown medley incl. Just A Little Bit

Side 2: Since I've Been Loving You/Out On The Tiles Intro-Black Dog/Dazed And 

Recording: Side 1 Good to Very good mono; Side 2 Fair mono. Audience. Source: 
Side 1 Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park, New York City, New York, New York 
July 21 '69; Side 2 Vigorelli Velodrome, Milan, Italy July 5 '71. Comments: 
Color picture disc - a copy of official 3rd album 'wheel'. Part of THE FINAL 
OPTION box set.